Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Theory as a Puzzle and Game

Image result for theoryPersonally I like theory. It sort is a mental puzzle that provides some game play for the mind. Like a project you simply keep adding to it until you get to a point where its begging and end run together to create a circle where the major holes are plug and it is self contained. If it works well to explain something or predict something then it is a valid and useful theory.

I'm not sure there is a right and wrong way to do a theory. If you are reading about a theory then you must only understand. If you are playing with creating a theory then you have to understand individual parts and then tie them together in a way that makes some level of comprehensive explanation.

Why does theory play attract me?

Not sure. It always has. My mother once said she could give me a pair of socks as a toddler and I could play for hour with these imaginary dinosaurs and farm animals. As far back as a child I remember having many more questions than answers.

I guess there is some people who just like this stuff.

Most of the time people didn't really seem to understand these theories and the more I delved into them as a child the more I lost people. I earned the name "Specigram" for my little playful experiments, questions, and ideas.

In my pr-teens I spent hours in our neighborhood library between sports and other activities. I saw that same library last year and it has long been closed but the librarians there knew me by name. Sometimes they would bring me a treat.

Today I still like to play in my mind with some theories and only recently started committing them to paper sort to speak. No idea if it will be of benefit to someone but as it gets edited, adjusted, and rewritten it will likely become more comprehensive and whole.

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