Monday, May 14, 2018

The Role of Technical and Vocational Training for Entrepreneurship

The more educated and skilled a person is the more likely they are to engage in entrepreneurial type behavior. According to a study of 1500 apprentices the more training in technical and vocational areas the more likely they are going to engage in business type activities (Behroozi, 2017).

It helps us realize that business is more than simply putting out a shingle and hoping that things go well. There is a knowledge component to success.

There is a learning curve associated with success. Having business knowledge before you try and engage in profit seeking behavior is helpful. Training, education and knowledge help people successfully navigate the business environment.

It is also likely that knowledge and skill raise the confidence of people who want to start a business. It will be pretty tough to get out there on your own unless you believe you will be rewarded.

Furthermore, our ability to understand technology and quickly learn the business environment is also based in existing knowledge. Technical and vocational training offers background knowledge that puts everything else in context.

Behroozi, M. (2017).  The Role of Technical and Vocational Training for Entrepreneurship Development and Business Skills in the...Journal of Educational, 6 (1).

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