Sunday, May 20, 2018

Successful Guerrilla Marketing Methods by Being Extraordinary and Surprising

Small and medium businesses sometimes use guerrilla marketing methods in an effort to attract new customers. These methods often include public displays and activities in places where people congregate. According to a review of successful companies the use of extraordinary and interesting & surprising works well (Onurlubas, 2017).

Extraordinary: Something beyond expectations and into the ma-mouth that is unusual and unexpected.

Interesting and Surprising: It must be interesting and exciting for people to watch.

People should remember these campaigns so they can be remembered and shared among others. If it is something that pulls people out of their daily grind it will have accomplished these two aspects. More importantly, having them remember the product and find some interest in it through sharing their likes is helpful.

Onurlubas, E. (2017). A research on the determination of consumer perceptions related to guerrilla marketing methods: Sample of Izmir...Emerging Markets Journal, 7 (1).

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