Monday, May 28, 2018

Remembering Our Veterans on Memorial Day Through the Wounded Warrior Project

This organization helps ex-services members injured during duty to find gainful employment and improve their standard of living. Whether it is a physical injury or mental injury they are doing something about it! On Memorial Day, and everyday, we should remember their sacrifices and what allows us to live free self-directed people.

Memorial Day is a time of remembering those who serviced. Both my grandfather and I were in the service so programs like this are dear to me. On memorial day we remember the sacrifices our forefathers made and our current active duty members are currently making.

We know that the job market can be tough but it can even be more tough for veterans who have seen a world many of us won't understand. The average person on the street simply believes our freedoms and rights are given but people who were in the military know what it takes to keep them.

Some have lost limbs, some have dealt with PTSD, and others have come home to less than welcoming communities. They go as far as bringing people on counseled hikes to push them to find new selves so they can engage in the community in new ways. They make new lives possible.

Providing crisis lines, resources, readings and outreach are important parts of this program. We shouldn't forget about our warriors once the battle is over. These men and women come back to us should be fully integrated into their communities.

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They currently have Memorial Day matching. Donate today and they will match your donation. Fantastic!

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