Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Motivated Grit Makes Winners in the Business Game

Entrepreneurship takes its glow from the deep desire to chart one's own course and sail your way into ports still unknown. With starry eyes we eye possibilities and ruminate on ideas until one gains traction and like a 4X4 in mud we put it into a lower gear and press the gas until we get to the other side and make our way to better traction.

People may come from a variety of different backgrounds and from an entire field full of ways of thinking but each one comes to the business owner game with a single motivation. Money trumps the list!

Money isn't just money though is it? It is more like freedom, power, self-direction, validation, and display of skill that is wrapped into the concept of money. It looks more like a sport of comparison against others more than it is an actual purchasing medium.

Drivers of entrepreneurial aspirations are based in wealth creation (Hessels, van Gelderen, & Thurik, 2008). Those that desire to start a business funnel their needs into wealth and this opens up other opportunities for them. 

There are a million ways to make money but not so many people with the ability to actually get it done. To succeed in this new arena means one has to be highly motivated to compete day in and day out seeking ways to beat out their competition. Their innate desire to master beats out the grind of the actual work over a sustained period of time. You win with motivated grit!

Hessels, J., van Gelderen, M. & Thurik, R. (2008). Several drivers of entrepreneurial aspirations and entrepreneurial motivations are investigated using country-level data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Small Business Economics, 31 (3).

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