Friday, May 11, 2018

How Shared Marketing Impacted San Diego's Economy

San Diego is a popular tourist destination. The San Diego Tourist Authority's 2017 Annual Report shows how pooling marketing money around certain themes can make a big difference on the economy. There is more that can be done here but lets first look at the impact.

 "These travelers spent almost $11 billion in San Diego last year and generated over $778 million in total tax revenues. San Diego’s tourism industry employs over 194,000 at 12,000 area businesses, from large multi-million dollar corporations to small independents."

These shared efforts by collaborating businesses increased tourism within the region and the amount of visitors staying and spending in the area.

 "Our sales teams continued to deliver over a million booked room nights for the destination and our sports sales team secured major sporting events to elevate San Diego’s international reputation."

Online visitors and people familiar with he area spread the word

"Marketing programs generated over 6 billion gross impressions and the San Diego brand story is now being told across multiple media platforms, channels, storytellers and influencers around the world."

It is important for regions to understand what there core offerings are and provide a collaborated approach to marketing. That doesn't mean that each doesn't have their own budget but there often is a wider benefit to companies creating a unified campaign.

The next step in marketing growth is to get these companies to include just a piece of the area branding concepts into their corporate marketing campaigns. With enough businesses engage in the process they can even further reach more people who may not only be interested in products/services but also become aware of the area. The theme should be influenced by those industries that have the biggest impact on all the other businesses within clusters.

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