Monday, May 7, 2018

Focus Your Efforts and Work for Greater Productivity

Sometimes we get lost in the weeds of work and life and we aren't as focused as we should be. It is those little annoying distractions like grocery shopping, paying bills, etc... that sort of take us away from the tasks we should be working on. However, if we put things in proper perspective and "clean" out those things that don't add value or don't contribute to our life in some way we can create a happier lifestyle.

As we focus you will find that some things won't be as important as others. Time is limited and how we spend our time will impact how we live our lives. If we spend time on activities we don't enjoy or don't contribute in some way then we not feel fulfilled.

Its hard to determine what is of value to us and what isn't. This is a personal question you have to answer for yourself. What your neighbor finds of value you may not and visa versa.

In the end, it will be how you spent your time and how you live your life that will count. Sometimes, the only thing you have is your memories.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't do activities that help you make money and life a good life. You need to take care of your future so work will definitely be on your priority list. As much as you can you should maximize your income up to a point.

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