Thursday, May 10, 2018

Early Morning on the Docks

Waking up early on the docks is an experience that only a few hope to have. The first smell of the ocean is fantastic in the morning. Chances are it will be nippy and cool so your heater will be on. A little "wake up" blast of cool air never hurt anyone.

As you turn on your coffee pot it will cut through the morning fog. The smell of coffee on a quiet and hazy ocean is a beacon that the day will be fantastic.

Not a soul awake in the early morning. A few fishing boats heading out for the daily catch but most sailors are sleeping in.

The animals are awake. They confiscate the docks until the morning when people start walking back and forth. Heron, cranes, cormorant, ducks and an occasional parrot may be waiting to great you.

As you walk down the docks you hear little creatures jumping in the water, squawking and getting out of your way. Your footprints in the dew mark your walk to the shore. In a few hours everything will be to life again.

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