Sunday, May 20, 2018

5 Tips for Managing Change and Resistors!

Change is a constant for a business. If it isn't then you have a problem and your company will soon be irrelevant. Change comes with resisters who are not necessarily opposed to the change itself but changing their work habits. There are five ways to encourage people to join up with change (Armbruster, Moran & Beitshe, 2013).

1. Speak to Loss: Discuss the necessity of change and why the organization must move in a certain direction. Making known the risks of not doing so is important.

2.Get them On Board: Get people on board and removing those who refuse to join up. Successful change requires participation.

3. Skin in the Game: Get people involved and let them own it. Hand out tasks and make them owners.

4. Humor: Lighten the mood with a little humor. Not everything needs to be stone cold serious.

5. Celebrate Success: Recognize people and celebrate changes as they occur.

Armbruster, S., Sonja, M. & Beitsch, L. (2013). Change resistors: people who block change initiatives and 5 tips to overcome resistance. Journal of public health management and practice, 19 (5). 

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