Sunday, May 20, 2018

3-4 Person Automatic Folding Camping and Beach Tent

The automatic folding tent contains 3-4 persons while you are outside with your family for traveling, camping and hiking. Its design of two-door ventilation, double zipper, skylights and roof piece is suitable for picnic, fishing, water, wild born, etc. Besides, it is outgoing and easy to carry for summer.

- Color: Green, grey.
- Material: Fiber glass rod.
- Size: 200 * 200 * 135cm(L * W * H).
Ultra-light, picnic, fishing, water, wild born.
Skylights and roof piece, and to prevent loss of water.
- Two-door ventilation design, double zipper
- Outgoing and easy to carry, out for the summer
- Tent structures: single account.
- Pole material: glass fibre rods.
- Building: building speed drive.
- Structure: one bedroom.
- Rainfly waterproof coefficient: 1000mm (included) -1500mm (not included).
- Ledger waterproof coefficient: 1000mm (included) -1500mm (not included).
- The number of applicable: double, 3-4 person.

Package Listing:
1 * Hand carry belt
8 * Tent peg
4 * Wind rope
1 * skylight cover

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