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Online Retailers Need Lots of Products but Can Charge Higher Prices

Online companies are growing every year and some companies have met a threshold that allows them to function on a higher level. If you are starting a business you will want to ensure you have enough products to actually attract customers and keep them around. As a bonus you can actually charge a little more for these products than many ground based businesses. Online retailers often offer higher prices than traditional brick-n-mortar stores and have advantages when offering an assortment of products (Koncar, et. al., 2016). Assortment of Products: It is important to offer enough products to keep people interested. If you don't have enough on your site there is no reason for people to visit or to stick around. Many times people may be looking for one product and buy another. Likewise, you may find that more products create more interest for potential visitors. Online Prices Typical Higher: This is interesting because I never thought it would be the case because brick-n-mortar

CEO's From the Outside are More Likely to be Hired and Earn More Money

CEOs are an integral part of the leadership team. They make and steer the helm of the ship and rely on their crew to keep the company moving forward. For those seeking to maximize their earning power future CEOs should consider moving to outside companies rather than being promoted within the company. Research has shown that external hiring of CEO's earn more money than internal CEO's (Palomino & Peyranche, 2013). The reasoning is not necessarily clear but much of it may have to do with perception and negotiation power during the hiring process. Board of directors seem to support outside CEO's and seem to increase compensation packages in the form of equity than internal CEO's. They also hire them more often making the case that any CEO who wants to earn more money should look elsewhere. When we think about this there is a case for outside CEO's when you need to change the culture or need to do something unique. However, internal CEO's have a history a

Putting Our Money Where Our Values Are-The Problem with Stock Market and Strategic Decisions

We are moving toward a trade war with China and the Down Jones Industrial Average tumbles 400 points. Perhaps a small bump or something more substantial. We can say that much of our lives in business, government and even national security is based on stocks and large investors. From the beginning of borrowing there has been the ability to influence national decisions based on money alone. History has shown that some countries have been toppled and experience political insecurity based on debt loads and investment. A few spots in history have shown (i.e. Mexico independence) that not paying debt can lead to invasion. While the world has partially advance from these draconian methods we are still stuck to the same puppet strings. That is not an argument for or against trade restrictions or even a trade war. It is a concern that perhaps we are too run by money and the whims of the investment class. Some level of insulation is needed to ensure companies and countries can make long-term

Motivated Grit Makes Winners in the Business Game

Entrepreneurship takes its glow from the deep desire to chart one's own course and sail your way into ports still unknown. With starry eyes we eye possibilities and ruminate on ideas until one gains traction and like a 4X4 in mud we put it into a lower gear and press the gas until we get to the other side and make our way to better traction. People may come from a variety of different backgrounds and from an entire field full of ways of thinking but each one comes to the business owner game with a single motivation. Money trumps the list! Money isn't just money though is it? It is more like freedom, power, self-direction, validation, and display of skill that is wrapped into the concept of money. It looks more like a sport of comparison against others more than it is an actual purchasing medium. Drivers of entrepreneurial aspirations are based in wealth creation (Hessels, van Gelderen, & Thurik, 2008). Those that desire to start a business funnel their needs into weal

A Quick Hike at Torrey Pines-Pictures

Torrey Pines offers a water protected outlet with hiking trails and unique scenery. It takes about 1.2 hours to hike up the hill and down the beach path. A great little exercise that sees scores of people every year.

Remembering Our Veterans on Memorial Day Through the Wounded Warrior Project

This organization helps ex-services members injured during duty to find gainful employment and improve their standard of living. Whether it is a physical injury or mental injury they are doing something about it! On Memorial Day, and everyday, we should remember their sacrifices and what allows us to live free self-directed people. Memorial Day is a time of remembering those who serviced. Both my grandfather and I were in the service so programs like this are dear to me. On memorial day we remember the sacrifices our forefathers made and our current active duty members are currently making. We know that the job market can be tough but it can even be more tough for veterans who have seen a world many of us won't understand. The average person on the street simply believes our freedoms and rights are given but people who were in the military know what it takes to keep them. Some have lost limbs, some have dealt with PTSD, and others have come home to less than welcoming communi

Product and Marketing Innovation Work Together

Companies can often sell products based on how they look, feel, and appeal to customers. Research helps us understand the marketing and product innovation are intertwined and can impact each other, (Junge, Severgnini, & Sorensen, 2016). One can influence the other and this make sense to have creative people working on both. Products have utility and appeal to customers. If marketing can find new ways of promoting a product and using that product in new ways it will inevitably have an impact on the course of product development. As new uses are found through research and customer feedback it is possible to create a direction that allows for more development. This is one reasons why companies often borrow and copy from each other to maintain sales. The same mindset comes together in product development and meeting market needs in new ways. Tying these processes together allows the market to take lead to maximize alignment and potential profits. Junge, M. Severgnini, B. &

A Simple Drone with Camera for Beginners

Purchase Here $90.99 XS809W is a multi-function RC quadcopter made of premium plastic for durable and long-lasting use. It comes with stylish foldable arms design for easy carrying. XS809W is equipped with a 0.3MP WiFi camera which offers you real time FPV within the range of 70 - 100m, you can control the drone by the transmitter or the phone after you download specific app and take photos and videos through the app. The flying time can reach 10 minutes after the drone is fully charged. It also supports functions like 3D flip, G-sensor, headless mode, high/ low speed to give you super flight fun and great memory. Great choice for drone fans. Suitable for both adults and children above 14 years old. Features - Made of very durable material. Foldable arms design, portable and easy to carry with you anywhere. - Upgraded 2.4G remote control technology, more precise control, faster reaction and farther control range. - 4 Channel, ascend, descend, forward, backward, le

Swimming with Sharks in Key Caulker

Sharks of Belize are considered nurse sharks and generally not dangerous. They reside on the world's second largest protected barrier reef and is approximately 125 miles long. If the boat drivers feed the sharks you can actually swim very close and watch them swarm the fish as they compete for food. You will be amazed about how these sharks move in a swirl and seem to coordinate their activities as though they are used to hunting in a pack. They can hover a few inches off of the ocean by the use of their pectoral fin.

The Decline of the Last Few Generations Indicates a Trend

Millennials have it tough!!! While we may think of the younger generation as spoiled we may find that as of right now they are suffering in ways the Baby boomers would have a hard time understanding. It looks as though the past three generations have suffered significantly over the downturn and this is creating a trend. Creating a trend of what? Declining standard of living, income, life benefits, and potentially happiness. It doesn't need to be this way but if we are able to regenerate our nation, think anew, and return investment we can dream as a country again. If our leadership continues to focus on the wrong stuff and fails to work together we will continue to see these declines. A small uptick has been experienced recently but may not be a changing of then trend.

Starting a Business? Keep Your Ideas and Processes Simple-Podcast

Starting a business can be a big affair and once new business owners start they find things can get complex fast. The best business ideas are simple and continuously improve to find efficiencies and reach in the market. Start simple and make sure you do your homework and research before investing money. See the Podcast Link to Listen Below: 1. Keep Your Ideas Simple: Simple ideas sell. The more complex the idea the more difficulty it will be to implement. 2. Keep Your Process Simple: As you develop your processes you will know that they become increasing complex. It is the nature of filling in the blanks and making things happen. 3. Create a Strong Business Plan: A business plan can be used for your management, financing, investors and projections. Make sure you answer all of the details. 4. Refine Your Process: Simplicity allows you to continuously refine your process to create greater efficiencies. Keep Your Business Process Simple Podcast Link

Altun Ha Mayan Ruins in Belize-Pictures and History

History in Belize is one of the most important attractions beyond lazy beaches and scuba diving. You can make your way back to some of the 3 great Mayan ruins in the area. Altun Ha is one of the easier ones to get to from Belize City. If you are more interested in the culture and other sites you will need to spend a little time off of the islands.  This site was discovered in the 60's and was hidden in the jungle. When it was found people stole the stones to build their houses. Seems like something people do to archaeological sites around the world including the U.S. I wonder if someone asks themselves, "Should we be destroying this?" even if they are not sure of what it is. Somewhere around 40% was stolen so no one knows what the other structured looked like.  This site also had blood rituals and hosted somewhere around 10K people as a trading post. Apparently, there is an indication that a revolt occurred as the destruction of the King's and Priests symbols

The Steps to Conducting Research in Companies and Universities

Research is an essential part of conducting business and engaging in the scientific community. Students, academics, and business leaders participate in research to gain critical knowledge about particular topics they do not understand well. These topics can be anything from the discovery of new vaccines to have a greater insight of a target market. Following the steps in the research process will help ensure that you are adhering to a rigorous scientific method. 1.) Understand Your Problem: It will be pretty challenging to design a study if you don't at first understand the nature of the problem. While you may have a ballpark understanding of the problem, actually pinpointing that problem into a sentence can be excruciatingly frustrating. Sometimes you will need to review the evidence, conduct interviews, and complete some non-scientific experimentation to define the situation or problem better.  The more knowledge and experience a person has the easier it will be to grasp what

Discount to Belize City---Go to San Padro

Tropical places are a big draw for people. When finding deals and discounts online you will have to research where you are staying and what type of activities you are going to engage in. For example, I went to Belize City and while it is interesting for a day or two most of the activities for tourists are in San Padro. One advantage the city has is you can get to some of the ruins pretty quick. Beyond this most of the fun stuff is in San Padro. Remember a deal is only a deal if you have fun. That doesn't mean you can't have fun. The resort is nice and has lots of amenities but the outdoor life just seems a little run down. People say it can be dangerous out there but I haven't experienced that yet. I came in a little late in the afternoon so traveling around won't really happen to tomorrow. San Padro is definitely on my list to go.

The Simple Three Fs to Fitness and Weight Loss

People think that weight loss and health are extremely difficult and that it is nearly impossible. It isn't but we get confused by all the different articles, supplements, gimmicks, false information, body builder posts and much more. There are only three F's to Fitness.  Fitness: Cardio and weights help reduce fat and improve muscle tone. Early morning workouts have better effects than evening workouts. Make healthy choices like walking and biking to work. Food: Increase protein, fiber, vegetables, fruits and reduce sugary foods, sugary drinks, carbs and transfats. It is about making many small choices that lead to a better diet. Feeling: If you feel good you will be more active and lose more weight. You will have high self-confidence. Exercise, activity, and feeling good all go together.

Traveling? Try Traveling Yoga


Successful Guerrilla Marketing Methods by Being Extraordinary and Surprising

Small and medium businesses sometimes use guerrilla marketing methods in an effort to attract new customers. These methods often include public displays and activities in places where people congregate. According to a review of successful companies the use of extraordinary and interesting & surprising works well (Onurlubas, 2017). Extraordinary: Something beyond expectations and into the ma-mouth that is unusual and unexpected. Interesting and Surprising: It must be interesting and exciting for people to watch. People should remember these campaigns so they can be remembered and shared among others. If it is something that pulls people out of their daily grind it will have accomplished these two aspects. More importantly, having them remember the product and find some interest in it through sharing their likes is helpful. Onurlubas, E. (2017). A research on the determination of consumer perceptions related to guerrilla marketing methods: Sample of Izmir...Emerging Markets J

5 Tips for Managing Change and Resistors!

Change is a constant for a business. If it isn't then you have a problem and your company will soon be irrelevant. Change comes with resisters who are not necessarily opposed to the change itself but changing their work habits. There are five ways to encourage people to join up with change (Armbruster, Moran & Beitshe, 2013). 1. Speak to Loss: Discuss the necessity of change and why the organization must move in a certain direction. Making known the risks of not doing so is important. 2.Get them On Board: Get people on board and removing those who refuse to join up. Successful change requires participation. 3. Skin in the Game: Get people involved and let them own it. Hand out tasks and make them owners. 4. Humor: Lighten the mood with a little humor. Not everything needs to be stone cold serious. 5. Celebrate Success: Recognize people and celebrate changes as they occur. Armbruster, S., Sonja, M. & Beitsch, L. (2013). Change resistors: people who block change i

The Decision Making Logic Used by Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a hard time making decisions that improve their outcomes. Many start out without much knowledge in business and when they are faced with tough choices they don't know what to do or where to go. According to an analysis of 385 decision events they found that effectuation and causation logics dominated the entrepreneurs decision models (Reymen,et. al 2017). What is a decision logic? It is a methodology people use to make decisions about events where they may not have all of the information. With limited information people have to use a methodology. Effectuation Logic: The logic incorporates concepts of self and their abilities to make decisions. They also may focus on losses vs. profits, find collaborators to reduce risk, understanding contingencies, seek to control factors that impact the future. Causation Logic: Try and see the relationships between what causes another. If they do A they are hope to have B happen. You may find that entrepreneurs are not j

5 Online Marketing Methods Used by Successful Companies

Businesses are seeking to create avenues of reaching customers online. They often try a variety of different methods. However, there are five methods most businesses use to improve their e-retailer strategies (Li, 2013). As their competitors use one strategy they may invest more heavily in another but all five have benefits. The five strategies include: Online Marketing: The usu of key terms, SEO and online marketing services. Social Medial Marketing: Using common social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and More. Customer Relationship Management: Keeping in constant contact with customers and understanding their needs. Affiliate Marketing: Using others to help market your business. Word of Mouth: Trying to spread the word online and physically among social networks. Li, Z. (2013).  E-Retailer's Technology Strategy for Implementing Online Marketing.  Applied Mechanics and Materials,Volume 427-429

Awe and Anger Drive Viral Marketing

Companies engage in the online marketing world seek to create viral messages that will be passed on the Internet form user to user to create a broader reach. It can be difficult to determine what makes something viral and what doesn't. Research indicates that viral marketing is driven by physiological arousal and emotion (Berger & Milkman, 2012). The study found that users who viewed media that cause high arousal states such as positive awe or negative anger shared the media more often. On the flip side, those media pieces that led to sadness were less shared by others. What this tells us is that companies should create awe inspiring media driven by magnificence or focus on things that really anger people. Not all things work well for all types of industries. For example, a company may have fall out trying to produce anger so would be best focusing on create awe. At the same time, non-profits and advocacy groups might be better served by anger motivations that push peop

Using Marketing Practices of Small and Medium Businesses to Prepare Students in Marketing Programs

Preparing students to obtain their first jobs in marketing requires a lot of planning and implementation. Research has found that providing students marketing related projects for small and medium size enterprises is a form of experiential learning that helps develop entreprenuership and employability (O'Leary, 2017). Projects can be hypothetical or real in nature. The company can be an invention of the student for illustration of core principles or it can be a business they find on the market and can research. It is also possible to have them partner with actual small and medium businesses that would be willing to look at what the student covers. A small store from their neighborhood or someone who owns a business in their family. The goal is to let them see how marketing operates in the real market to prepare them to take on their first jobs. The more familiar the student becomes with actual marketing practices and how marketing principles apply they greater their knowledge

Intelligence and Personality Can Overcome Family Difficulties in Life Success

We have heard a lot about parental influence and success of students not only through college but also in life. What they found was that intelligence and personality are a big factor in a person's success and can overcome much, but not all, of parental influence. Review of 81,000 students found that personality and intelligence predicted educational attainment, annual income and occupational prestige 11 years later beyond parental influence (Damian, et. al. 2015). Those with high intelligence and the right kind of personality find themselves making more money and in more prestigious occupations 11 years later. While personality is a big factor, intelligence played a much larger role in success. What what does this tell us? If someone is highly intelligent, has the right personality and has a solid background from their parents they are much more likely to succeed than those that don't. However, on the flip side if one has high intelligence they can overcome a negative p

Three Points for Developing Your Small Business Strategy

Small businesses sometimes finds it difficult to develop a strategy that will work for them. There are three principles that can help a small company compete. Developing your strategy in a way that is simplistic, participative, and adaptive can keep your business moving forward (Verreynee & Meyer, 2010). Simplistic: Keep your strategies simple. There is no point in trying to create great complex strategies that don't work well. Simple strategies are rewarded in the market because they focus on what they do best. Participative: Involve your employees as much as possible in the strategy making process. It will help to ensure that you are increasing your knowledge base and considering the various needs of internal stakeholders. It also has the benefit of improve "buy in" and knowledge of strategy changes. Adaptive: As the market changes you will need to be adaptive. Small businesses has the advantage of being nimble and changing quickly. Therefore, use this as part

Brand Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Using social media is highly important for improving sales. It is one of the main methods businesses interact with their customers. A review of marketing managers found that there were five methods of encouraging greater interaction with customers and raising awareness of their products (Tsiomonis & Dimitriadis, 2014). -Prize Competitions -Announcing New Products -Interaction with Customers. -Advice and Useful Information. -Effectively Handling Customer Issues. Social media is becoming more powerful but is someone limited. Most mobile media refers back to a webpage hosted somewhere else. However, it does create a channel to interact with customers and provide announcements. The key here is "engagement". Make sure you are actively engaged with subscribers and visitors. Tsimonis, G. & Dimitriadis, S. (2014). Brand strategies in social media. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 32 (3).

Speed Versus Resistance in Cardio Workouts

It can be hard to go to the gym and work at speeds that will get your heart rate up into the fat burning zone. That doesn't mean you are at a loss if your not trying to go at full speed. Increasing the resistance on your cardio equipment will push your body without forcing you to go at maximum speed. Improve your cardio load by lowering speed and increasing resistance. Extra resistance will improve your muscle mass much like a sprinter. The load on your cardiovascular system and heart rate is heavier which means you burn more fat. With resistance you don't need to workout as long to receive the same benefits.

How to Use Systems Thinking in Creating Business Strategy

Markets are complex. As you move into a global world you will find this complexity increasing. Supply chains, marketing, legal regulations, production, supplies, personnel and finance seem to be overwhelming consideration. Developing appropriate strategies within all of these processes is daunting. Using systems thinking we can gain a better grasp of this complexity and improve corporate performance (Rajagopal, 2012). First lets discuss what systems thinking is. It is an ability to think of how the parts mesh within the whole and how it interacts with larger systems. With systems thinking you can see an entire system interrelating with other parts and how that impacts the success of the whole organization. As you create strategies you will need to understand how all of these parts work together to create success in the organization as it competes in the market. Many times it is beneficial to include key personnel in the strategy creation process that understand these individual

The Role of Algorithms in Hiring Decisions

Hiring decisions can be touch and often our personal whims and desires make their way into these decisions. If a person looks like us and is someone we think we can be a friend with we are much more likely to hire them. This is where more objectionable methods may be helpful in the hiring process. An algorithm is a method of using a formula or calculation to determine qualifying candidates. Hiring managers don't need to base the the final decision on these algorithms but could use them to create their final candidate lists. They don't necessarily need to be complete. It could be as simple as putting together a wish list of skills, attributes and characteristics and using them to weight or rank each candidate. One then uses these rankings to find their final candidates. The hiring manager then selects that which makes the most sense for their team and department. A word of caution is necessary, it is better to have someone else conduct the algorithm so that there is some

Simple Cream Cheese and Date Snack

Sometime you need to bring something to a friends house or to entertain. Few things are easier than a date and cream cheese snack. 1. 1 lb. pitted dates 2. 1/4 lb. Sliced pecans 3.  Cream cheese. Make a cut in the dates and put just a touch of cream cheese in opening. Top with a sliced pecan.

The Role of Technical and Vocational Training for Entrepreneurship

The more educated and skilled a person is the more likely they are to engage in entrepreneurial type behavior. According to a study of 1500 apprentices the more training in technical and vocational areas the more likely they are going to engage in business type activities (Behroozi, 2017). It helps us realize that business is more than simply putting out a shingle and hoping that things go well. There is a knowledge component to success. There is a learning curve associated with success. Having business knowledge before you try and engage in profit seeking behavior is helpful. Training, education and knowledge help people successfully navigate the business environment. It is also likely that knowledge and skill raise the confidence of people who want to start a business. It will be pretty tough to get out there on your own unless you believe you will be rewarded. Furthermore, our ability to understand technology and quickly learn the business environment is also based in existi

Digital Marketing and Communication Skills Needed at Marketing Employers

Employers want ready made marketing graduates that have the skills to start work quickly upon hire. Research has found that two primary skills are missing in higher education that could impact the ability of graduates to effectively work on the job.  The most important employer needs of marketing graduates includes 1.) digital marketing specialties; and, 2.) effective communication skills (primarily writing) (McArthur, et. al. 2017).  Digital marketing specialties include the ability to function with specific technologies common to employers. This may be social media tools, data bases, and other online methods of "getting the word out".  Communication skills is important in any office setting but is very important in marketing where small changes in word usage could impact the meaning of the entire message. Marketing graduates will need strong written communication tools to effectively compete.  McArthur, E., Krzysztof, K., Pang, B. & Alcaraz, C. (2017). The Emplo

Is there a Case for More Administrators in Higher Education?

I read an interesting article on the reasons why administration is the fastest growing sector of higher education. The article was in education drive and had three main points. -Less tasks for faculty are necessary for higher education quality. -Return on investment for administrators that can be measured. -More resources, technology integration and support students. It seems that student support services are growing and with that new administrators. Likewise, there is also more need for academic metrics and this is leading to more administrators to improve those metrics.

Finding the Threshold in Business Product Listings

If you start a business online you will find that if you have too few products your sales are going to be lackluster. There is a points where a threshold is reached and your sales improve exponentially. It isn't just a one for one correlation but more of a reason why people continue to visit a site and the other products they come in contact with. Where is that threshold is somewhere around 500 products. Look around Amazon and Ebay and you will find that the biggest sellers have thousands of products. They do so because they have an opportunity to increase sales. Unless you are selling something unique that you invented chances are you will need to meet a threshold. Consider that consumers often look for one product but see something else they want and purchase that. They are shopping because they have some money in their pocket. Browsing your store with many products gives them a chance to purchase something. More products also means more sales. There are more listings, more

Keeping Teams Focus by Finding Purpose

Teams are successful when they are focused. As the team moves through its stages and accomplishes goals sometimes it will begin to break down unless it has a new purpose. Nearly all teams are the same whether the be as large as Congress or as small as a few friends hanging out. The goals are subject to the teams wishes and motivation. Rejuvenating your team means finding a new purpose. Purpose should be important enough and meaningful enough to the team to spark their interest. If the goal has no meaning to the members and is not worth their effort they simply won't engage.  There should be rewards associated within to encourage active participation. The goals may be social, financial or personal in nature. The objectives should be clear and people should know what success looks like. If achievement is not defined you won't have significant misalignment of action and possible motivational loss. Each member should have a role. If roles are not defined many times peop

Pictures of Pacific Beach in California


Ethics and The City In The Sea - Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

The City in the Sea is a poem that discusses death and the lack of values. It is a mystical city that doesn't have motivation and lacks a certain compass. It is a place of discovery as though Poe is seeing a foreign land. It is a helpful poem that reminds us that people should have certain values and if they don't they lack a compass and dwell in a place that is dark and gloomy. The same idea can be applied to business ethics. The City In The Sea - Poem by Edgar Allan Poe Lo! Death has reared himself a throne In a strange city lying alone Far down within the dim West, Where the good and the bad and the worst and the best Have gone to their eternal rest. There shrines and palaces and towers (Time-eaten towers that tremble not!) Resemble nothing that is ours. Around, by lifting winds forgot, Resignedly beneath the sky The melancholy waters he. No rays from the holy heaven come down On the long night-time of that town; But light from out the lurid sea Stre

How Shared Marketing Impacted San Diego's Economy

San Diego is a popular tourist destination. The San Diego Tourist Authority's 2017 Annual Report shows how pooling marketing money around certain themes can make a big difference on the economy. There is more that can be done here but lets first look at the impact.  " These travelers spent almost $11 billion in San Diego last year and generated over $778 million in total tax revenues. San Diego’s tourism industry employs over 194,000 at 12,000 area businesses, from large multi-million dollar corporations to small independents. " These shared efforts by collaborating businesses increased tourism within the region and the amount of visitors staying and spending in the area.  " Our sales teams continued to deliver over a million booked room nights for the destination and our sports sales team secured major sporting events to elevate San Diego’s international reputation ." Online visitors and people familiar with he area spread the word " Marketing

The Dangers to Companies That Use Layoffs as a Strategy

Sometimes companies get stale and lose market relevance. They need to rejuvenate themselves. Far too often executives use layoffs to balance their budgets without realizing the long term consequences of not considering other options first. Without creating more market relevance the overall outlook goes from difficult to dangerous. Cutting capacity without building new revenue streams. While it may make sense to sometimes to cut expenses it will be useless in the long run without find new ways of making money. The irrelevancy of the organization as it currently stands is part of not having a viable market strategy. There is also a "hit" to employee moral and retention. High quality employees move onto other companies, people feel insecure and limit their work, and the culture becomes self-consuming as people become afraid of losing their job. The reputation also is punished in the market for about 3 years. The stock price suppressing thereby sucking needed capital for

Early Morning on the Docks

Waking up early on the docks is an experience that only a few hope to have. The first smell of the ocean is fantastic in the morning. Chances are it will be nippy and cool so your heater will be on. A little "wake up" blast of cool air never hurt anyone. As you turn on your coffee pot it will cut through the morning fog. The smell of coffee on a quiet and hazy ocean is a beacon that the day will be fantastic. Not a soul awake in the early morning. A few fishing boats heading out for the daily catch but most sailors are sleeping in. The animals are awake. They confiscate the docks until the morning when people start walking back and forth. Heron, cranes, cormorant, ducks and an occasional parrot may be waiting to great you. As you walk down the docks you hear little creatures jumping in the water, squawking and getting out of your way. Your footprints in the dew mark your walk to the shore. In a few hours everything will be to life again.

Why Marketing is the Success or Failure is in Business?

Create Your Brand: Know what your company stands for and what it believes. Think about the themes you will carry through your different advertising pieces and how that relates to your customers interests and needs.  Marketing is a core aspect of competing in business. Without customers you have nothing. When you start a new business you will need to ensure that your marketing program is strong. Much of your time will be spent marketing to customers in order to raise your customer base and make sales. Because budgets are limited there will be considerable "hands on" work you will need to compete. Research and Define your Potential Customers: No business is everything to everyone. If you desire to earn the most money possible you should know who your customers are and what times of services, activities, products and services appeal to them. Select the "Right" Marketing Channels: If you want to earn the highest return on your items then you will need to find

Fertilizing Creativity and a Learning Culture in Your Organization

Organizations must change or die! As organizations move toward the top it is necessary for them to create a nimble learning culture that helps them overcome market challenges. Often managers become set in their ways and are more concerned with how to keep people working toward an objective that may not make sense then to actually groom them or implement new ways of doing things that have higher returns. I have found over the years the best way to create innovation is to tap into people's natural motivation and their need to find meaning within the organization. How does this happen? When working with employees you should consider their ideas in the development of the company. Ask them about their ideas and to bring them forward for discussion. Your job as a manager is to weed which one's employees can spend some time on and which not. Getting employees involved ties them to the organization. They will fell as though they are building something. When someone passes

Shrimp Fajita Recipe-A cheap way to do it!

I have been to lots of different restaurants and paid $17 for a single shrimp fajita meal. Two people and that is around $40 not including the two glasses of wine that also cost $10 a piece. If you want to add a tip your are looking at $70. Not bad but you might be able to make a something that event tastes better in your home. For under $22 you can get yourself a bottle of wine and make shrimp fajitas that feeds 4 people. They turned out fabulous. Just as a side note I got the uncooked large shrimp from Sprouts. They made for a tastier meal. Simple Shrimp Fajita Recipe 1 1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided1 green bell pepper, sliced1 red bell pepper, sliced1 pound medium shrimp - peeled and deveined1 cup (1 small) chopped onion 1 (1.25 ounce) package taco seasoning mix 3 tablespoons water, or as needed Two avocados for slicing. Spicy salsa. Sour Cream 6 (10 inch) flour tortillas, warmed Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the

The Smell of the Ocean

There is something about the ocean that draws people back again and again. It doesn't matter if you are surfing, sailing, lounging, dinning or just staring into the horizon. The ocean is a remarkable world that covers most of our planet. While human kind lives and dies by the ocean many people have never seen it. The other day I went surfing and jogged the ocean. It gave me piece of mind as I connected closer to nature. The crashing waves, the sun, and the smell is a natural aphrodisiac. There are few places better. It is also one of the reasons why people pay so much to live by the ocean. If you have a balcony that faces the sunset you will be paying a premium but your life becomes integrated into this world. Places like San Diego offer so many ocean attractions that it continues to swell beyond its capacity to hold that many people. Housing continues to rise and push out people of modest incomes. I spend as much time as I can on the ocean and engage in lots of amazin

Developing Cross Functional Teams

Cross functional teams are dependent on the type of people you select and the goals you have in mind. Making sure your cross functional teams have the right people is important. It isn't cost effective or wise to add a lot of people from various departments that don't have a direct impact on your success. Whether you are processing a new product or service you will need a team that can help you get from point A to Z. Consider the general needs of the team to create your new product or service. There may be a need for designers, engineers, marketing managers, purchasing representatives, etc... Your team should be based on creating a successful launch. You may not need everyone right away. During the initial product development stages you may not need everyone right away. Instead you may want to include people that are more focused on the creation aspect in the initial stages, manufacturing in the second stages and sales in their final stages. Furthermore, you should consid

Focus Your Efforts and Work for Greater Productivity

Sometimes we get lost in the weeds of work and life and we aren't as focused as we should be. It is those little annoying distractions like grocery shopping, paying bills, etc... that sort of take us away from the tasks we should be working on. However, if we put things in proper perspective and "clean" out those things that don't add value or don't contribute to our life in some way we can create a happier lifestyle. As we focus you will find that some things won't be as important as others. Time is limited and how we spend our time will impact how we live our lives. If we spend time on activities we don't enjoy or don't contribute in some way then we not feel fulfilled. Its hard to determine what is of value to us and what isn't. This is a personal question you have to answer for yourself. What your neighbor finds of value you may not and visa versa. In the end, it will be how you spent your time and how you live your life that will count.

Stocks Down on Possible Chinese Telecommunications Restrictions

Dow Jones declined 174 points on worries over telecommunications restrictions on Chinese companies selling within the U.S. The stock market is like a roller coaster when small changes in strategies lead to bumps and burps in the market. The overall trends often stay the same but the day changes are what put many executives on the edge of their seats. If I was an investor, assuming I had money like some do, I wouldn't worry about day bumps. My concern would be more about long-term trends in the market. If industries are changing and some companies are being pushed out that would make me concerned. It would also be important to see what the companies plans and trends are. If they don't have a solid plan to introduce new products and services that will improve their financial performance they are likely to suffer in the long run. Equally beneficial is to not put all your money into one place. You want to hedge with industries in different sectors. Especially those that are k and How Well They Treated My Pup

I recently traveled to New Orleans for a conference. Not sure where to put my pup I called a number of kennels. They were extremely expensive. Likewise, the hotel wanted $50 a night which is what I might spend for myself when just trying to get from point a to point b. One of the kennels suggested I try Taking my time to look up the site and join for free I searched out two possible candidates that said they would accept my pouch. It was kind of nice because they contained reviews and comments by other people. When engaging with the sitters I could text either via my phone or the site and it would record on the site. Communication was easy it put me to rest that I could contact the sitter at any time. The first lady I signed up with got in an accident and was injured a week or so before the actual visit. Frustrating as it was Rover offered to help me find another sitter. Because I had a backup I didn't need it and they provided a $20 discount. Ranging from $20

Why Some Entrepreneurs Fail?

Being an entrepreneur is exciting. They create a product and start selling. Sometimes they are very successful in the beginning and then fail in the end. There are three major reasons why they fail and this includes lack of diversification, business knowledge, and enthusiasm. Diversification: Having one great product that sells is fantastic but eventually you will need to include additional products if you want to keep selling. One hit wonders almost always lose consumer interest at some point. Business Knowledge: You have to be a little glossy eyed to be an entrepreneur. Most enter without knowing much about how to actually run a business. Some pick it up as they go while others get lost in the process. Enthusiasm: When you first start you are very enthusiastic but eventually doing the same thing everyday can wear on you. You will need to find ways to keep the enthusiasm going if you want to be successful.

Simple Boating and Camping Mediterranean Tuna Pasta

When out camping and boating you don't have a lot of ability to complete cooking. You can't carry much stuff with you so it is a benefit to prepare in advance. You only need some hot water to make this recipe. 1/2 lb penne pasta 3 oz parmesan cheese 12 green olives 1 garlic pieces 1 tsp crushed red chilles 1 can tuna 1 lemon 1/4 pine nutes salt and pepper. Put the past in one bag and the seasoning in another. You can carry the can of tuna with you. Boil the pasta and put the rest in the bowl. You are done.

Keeping Conversation Flowing

Whether you are talking with friends or on a date it is important to keep the conversation going. Those dead spots should not be of major concern unless you get stuck in a particular place and can't interject to say something moving. Here are a few tips about communication that can help you. Ask questions: Amazingly enough simply asking the other person a question about their life, what they like, if they are working on any projects can make a difference. Sometimes this prompts them to open a new avenue. Try Humor: There are times when being a little silly and having something fun to say can make a difference in the overall discussion. When people are having a good time they are more likely to talk and be engaging. Say Something About Yourself: You don't want to spend all of your time talking about yourself. However, there are times when it just makes sense to talk a little about your interests so that the other person can be engaged. Avoid Taboo Subjects: Unless you kn