Friday, April 6, 2018

Your Brain Still Creates New Cells While Older-It's Important to Keep Learning

New research shows that even old brains can continue to create new cells. It helps lend to the argument that we should continue to use part of our time to read, study and learn new things. A healthy brain needs some practice and like a muscle should be worked out with intellectual stimulation.

Its easy to get into a rut and not study or learn anything after college. When we stop learning we also fail to keep up with changes in society. We stop mastering and understanding our environment. For some that might simply be reading a book while for others it may be more about attending different types of meetings

I have seen it over and over people just sort of get lazy in their lives. Come home from work and watch hours of numb tv without thinking much about anything. This study helps us understand why we should not let our brains go to waste when we can continue to learn and grow.

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