Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The "Sweet Spot" in Cardio Boxing

Training can be too slow or too intense but how you decide to train will determine your outcomes. Yesterday I took a boxing class that was just right. A Muay Thai class I took in the past was way too intense while a few other Kenpo classes I took were way too slow. This boxing class seemed to hit the sweet spot between pushing without overwhelming the body.

What you want is to be challenged but maintain the ability to overcome that challenge. A little stress goes a long way but exhaustion is not good for anyone. You should feel just a touch uncomfortable but not "destroyed" when the class is over.

Too Intense: This occurs when your heart rate is at your maximum (above 85%) and you have a hard time catching your breath. If most of the class is that way then you know it might be too intense of a class or not well designed. There should be periods where you are pushed along with some time to recover. Heart rate goes up and then down for maximum growth.

Too Easy: At times a class may be too easy. You don't feel like your heart is moving and you are almost never out of breath. The class may be more for beginners or people that are just starting their fitness journey. Consider bumping up to a different class or incorporating more intense exercises.

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