Monday, April 16, 2018

Hiking while Traveling-Enjoy New Scenic Routes

Hiking gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoors and see the world in its natural form. Some people live for the benefits of hiking and exploration. They can't wait to get out of the office and make their way to the closest hiking trails they can find.

To me I enjoy traveling, fitness, and the outdoors so hiking while traveling shoots multiple birds with one stone. Sometimes gyms are hard to find when traveling and it makes sense to go to the park and get either a speed walk or hike in. Just make sure you got good shoes that will do both!

A couple of helpful tips while traveling:

1. Google maps will show you all the trails and parks.
2. Use shoes that can be used in the gym, walking, or hiking.
3. Throw a pair of sweatpants in your car.
4. Keep your phone fully charged if you don't know the trials.
5. Some morning go to the gym and some out hiking.
6. If your driving an hour hike can break up your day.
7. Use hiking as another travel enjoyment to see the countryside.

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