Monday, April 30, 2018

Does Senator John McCain Make A Point on the Need for More Civility in American Values?

Politics is ugly and its getting uglier by the minute. It is easy to throw stones and sling mud in favor or your favorite candidate. This isn't that type of argument. Despite the bitterness between McCain and Trump the essential point is that our government must work together to solve problems. Republicans and Democrats should both be soul searching to find where they can strengthen our country. 

If our nation ever fails it will be because our leaders have allowed our nation to gridlock itself in a way that it can no longer function. With constant bickering and arguing not much is going to get done and we are failing both ours and the next generation. 

Of course we are not so smart...we keep putting forward and voting for the same types of people. 

John McCain says we should vote for a person with some modesty....he goes on to say... “modestly promises to build relationships on both sides of the aisle, to form alliances to promote their ideas, to respect other points of view, and to split differences where possible to make measurable progress on national problems.”

Lets be realistic about this though. When will big special interests and corporate donors put money into a candidate who doesn't care about their money? It isn't likely that a modest, humble, thoughtful, and creative problem solving leader will come forward in this environment. They will be smacked down by the more narcissistic potentials who seek to serve themselves over the country.  

As a nation we should start voting for people who share our American values. Not the one's who look like us, the ones with certain religions, the ones who are super liberal, or the ones who are super conservative. We should be voting for a practical person who understands the points of view of all of those around them and makes decisions based on the best interest of all. 

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