Sunday, April 29, 2018

Del Mar National Dressage Show in Del Mar

Dressage is all about training and showing how well you have trained your horse to maneuver through different movements and master a type of art form. This form is ancient with modern rules coming out of the Renaissance Era. Each horse goes through a series of tests.

Tests often include the Piaffe, Passage, Extended Gait, Collected Gaits, Flying Changes, Pirouette, and Half-Pass.

In this case I attended the Del Mar National Horse Show. Each of the horses made their way around the arena and showed their training style. A western entertainment show was shown during the intermission. Food, clothing and other items were present.

I like to watch these shows to see how well they trained their horses. You also get to connect with great people and learn tips and tricks in their training. Being a horse owner myself it is helpful to get connected to a group of horse owners.

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