Monday, April 30, 2018

Australia Spending 500 Million Australian Dollars to Protect Great Barrier Reef

Australia announced plans to put great minds together and invest up to 500 Million Australian dollars protecting the Great Barrier Reef. There are also opportunities for others to invest in protecting these natural wonders. The damage by global warming, predator fish and acidity have been extensive already---hundreds of miles died in the past two years alone.

I think this is a great first step. It is important to protect our waters from further human encroachment. Parts of the problem have to do with the coal industry and use of fertilizers in farming. Some of these things are necessary and developed before we knew their potential damage. Some should be reduced while others could be innovated to be cleaner.

There always is this push between making more money in industry and protecting the environment. They seem like they are two polar opposite but some of it is because we have not developed the next level of technology in managing pollution. It is possible to have companies contribute voluntarily to the protection of these environments and create greater social responsibility.

Corporate philanthropy may help in avoiding legislative action down the road.

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