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Does Senator John McCain Make A Point on the Need for More Civility in American Values?

Politics is ugly and its getting uglier by the minute. It is easy to throw stones and sling mud in favor or your favorite candidate. This isn't that type of argument. Despite the bitterness between McCain and Trump the essential point is that our government must work together to solve problems. Republicans and Democrats should both be soul searching to find where they can strengthen our country.  If our nation ever fails it will be because our leaders have allowed our nation to gridlock itself in a way that it can no longer function. With constant bickering and arguing not much is going to get done and we are failing both ours and the next generation.  Of course we are not so smart...we keep putting forward and voting for the same types of people.  John McCain says we should vote for a person with some modesty....he goes on to say... “modestly promises to build relationships on both sides of the aisle, to form alliances to promote their ideas, to respect other points of view,

Why It is Important to Turn into the Wind and Wake When Folding Sails

I enjoy sailing on a regular basis and go as much as I can. Luckily, I even have my own sail boat I stay on sometimes. Over time, and through trial and error, you learn tips and tricks that help you learn to sail better. One of those sailing tips I learned over this weekend was to turn your boat into the wind and wake when folding sails.  Sometimes they call this the "Irons". We are out in the ocean just before the mouth of San Diego Bay. The wind is wiping and the swells were about 4 feet high. New boat and new skipper. Never been on this 44' yacht before and it was a new experience navigating a larger vessel. Me taking a break! The boat was at a broad reach with the wind and it became extremely difficult to lower, fold, and tie the sails down. Three people worked tirelessly trying to get a hold of everything while the boat tipped back and forth in a rugged manner. I didn't know the skipper well enough to say something so I just sort of did the best job I

Where to Buy Healthy Snacks to Contribute to Your Fitness Routine

It isn't easy to stay in shape if your eating patterns are all wrong. When we are hungry we jump for what is within arms reach. Our little fingers skip over anything that requires any type of preparation and straight for those items that can be ripped open and eaten on the spot. Convenience foods are often not healthy so you will need to do some shopping beforehand. 1.) Shop beforehand and stock your refrigerator with healthy quick snacks. 2.) Look for pre-made salads, fruit, and veggie plates. 3.) Consider wraps form places like Trader Joes. 4.) Learn to cook meals in advance and put them in your fridge. 5.) Pack a lunch with extra snacks. 6.) If you have to eat out make sure you are focused on fish, salads, soups, and other healthy foods.

In Business it is Necessary to Make Goals and the Steps to Achieve Them

Business strategy is about setting goals and then finding the pathways to achieve them. Those goals should be based on the long term strategies of the organization and the best position to maximize shareholder wealth. Setting goals is not something to be taken lightly and requires us to consider the capacities of the organization and its ability of changing and adapting. I have seen organizations set goals that don't seem to make any sense and waste a lot of time and energy chasing their tails for something that doesn't have much benefit. It is important to ensure personal goals of owners clash with the long-term needs of the organization. Goals should actually be achievable. While not all goals need to be easy they do need to be within reach. This isn't easy if you don't have a thorough understanding of your organization. There will need to be some research both before and after goal setting. Once the goal is set you will then need to create the steps that will a

Australia Spending 500 Million Australian Dollars to Protect Great Barrier Reef

Australia announced plans to put great minds together and invest up to 500 Million Australian dollars protecting the Great Barrier Reef. There are also opportunities for others to invest in protecting these natural wonders. The damage by global warming, predator fish and acidity have been extensive already---hundreds of miles died in the past two years alone. I think this is a great first step. It is important to protect our waters from further human encroachment. Parts of the problem have to do with the coal industry and use of fertilizers in farming. Some of these things are necessary and developed before we knew their potential damage. Some should be reduced while others could be innovated to be cleaner. There always is this push between making more money in industry and protecting the environment. They seem like they are two polar opposite but some of it is because we have not developed the next level of technology in managing pollution. It is possible to have companies contr

How to Handle Toxic Friendships?

Toxic friends are part of most social networks. One could argue that around 20% of the people you meet will have toxic and negative personalities. Because of how they feel about themselves they are willing to cause problems whenever their fragile sense of self feels damaged or they are frustrated in obtaining something they want. It is important to know when you can work these things out and when you can't. Lets first look at the fragile sense of self. They are toxic because they have deep seated negative images of themselves and learned maladaptive methods of influence their environment. Instead of confidence and being honest with others they seek to use manipulation to gain a feeling of safety and control over their environment. Because their thought patterns are warped it can be very hard for them to see that their behavior is inappropriate. While they may know this on one level they do not understand how they are counter to them achieving their long-term goals. As new infor

Hiring for Elite Education or Skill? 4 Things I would Look For in a Candidate

Education and skill are oftentimes together but not always. Hiring mangers sometimes face the dillema of determining if they should hire someone with an elite education or someone with a historical track record. While I support and envy those who get an elite education it is important to give skill its full merit. Elite education has the advantage of drawing in some of the best professors and some of the best theoretical minds. What it fails at is that some of these educators are book intelligent but don't always provide practical knowledge on the topics. Educated practitioners might be better. A great combination is a solid education mixed with a proven track record in experience. With both you can hedge your bets. Past performance often predicts future performance; at least most of the time. Sometimes a change in the environment and incentives may be damaging to some performers. A strong educational background can make some people more able to understand the bigger picture

Is Your Business Loosing Money? It Might be in the Metrics!

Businesses can't know where they are going unless they know where they currently are. While it can be beneficial to simply use your gut feeling to run a business there comes a point when your establishment may simply be too large to manage without proper metrics. We are moving into an era where data is important and not having the right kind of data could be a big issue. Consider a company that doesn't understand the performance of their individual departments. There has always been, and will continue to be, performance metrics but these performance metrics must be updated to create an accurate reflection of performance. Without such metrics it can be difficult to make all types of changes and adjustments. On one level you don't know how well you are functioning and what the potential of the department is. This means you would have a difficult time making long term strategic decisions that will better align to the market and ensure that your company continues to stay pr

Del Mar National Dressage Show in Del Mar

Dressage is all about training and showing how well you have trained your horse to maneuver through different movements and master a type of art form. This form is ancient with modern rules coming out of the Renaissance Era. Each horse goes through a series of tests. Tests often include the Piaffe, Passage, Extended Gait, Collected Gaits, Flying Changes, Pirouette, and Half-Pass. In this case I attended the Del Mar National Horse Show. Each of the horses made their way around the arena and showed their training style. A western entertainment show was shown during the intermission. Food, clothing and other items were present. I like to watch these shows to see how well they trained their horses. You also get to connect with great people and learn tips and tricks in their training. Being a horse owner myself it is helpful to get connected to a group of horse owners.

Are Morning Work Outs Better?

If you are lucky enough to have some control over your workout schedule you might want to opt for early mornings. Your stomach is empty and you are likely to move into extra energy stores from fat quicker than if you went there processing food all day. As you move into fat stores for energy you also lose weight quickly. 1. Without a lot of food in your stomach you will need to burn fat quicker. 2. Less people in a gym so you can use the equipment you need and want. 3. Sets up your metabolism for the rest of the day. 4. After your work out you can focus on other things. 5. A regular routine that ensures you get it done!

Three Things that Help a Little Business

There are three things that can help a small business succeed. It is hard to compete against larger companies that have a lot of money and resources. So small businesses will need to do something different if they are going to be successful. The three things are: 1.: Find Your Niche: Don't try and compete with the "big boys" in the market. Find markets that are not into large corporations or who are not serviced well by them and cater to that group. 2. Be Unique and Have Best Atmosphere: Offering a great atmosphere that creates something very unique and interesting. Something they are unlikely to find somewhere else. 3. Service and Quality: If you are a small business provide the highest levels of services and specialization you can. Create relationships and be like a consultant.

Reading For Enjoyment as an Avenue of Intellectual Growth

I like to read! As a matter of fact, I read all the time. Within my Kindle subscriptions are at least 25 magazines that range in topics like sports, farming, economics, world affairs, and even style. I don't have great style but I'm working on it! It is a connection to a greater world that allows me the interest level I need. Does it really get me anywhere? For years I spent time in school studying and learning. Sometimes I wonder if I should have just gotten a library card and saved myself the ton of money that higher education costs. Sure...I might be working in a family business or at a factory but I would simply just go home at the end of the day and read for the enjoyment of it. Actually...nothing wrong with that. One of the issues of higher education is that we are not learning for learning sake. No longer are we just there to learn about the world and know about topics that interest us. Instead, we are there to get a job and justify the cost of such learnin

The Traits of Good Friends Versus Bad Friends

Friends are important. It has been said that you can sum yourself up by your closest 5 friends. As with all social groups there are some good people and some not so good people. There are those that help you feel empowered and those who suck and drain your energy. The problem is that it can be difficult to tell who is who. It is not like people come out and say, "I'm going to be a selfish jerk and tear you down every chance I get!" They don't think of themselves that way because when people are toxic they are always right in their heads; even when jealousy eats them alive.  So it is necessary to get to know each other and how people act without them disclosing their needs or intentions. Let your feels and subconscious cues be your guide. 1.  Supportive of each others needs 2.  Encourage each other to be better. 3.  Kind and positive personalities. 4.  Fun and enjoyment. 5.  Slowly but surely going deeper as friends. 6.  Honest and trustworthy. 7.  Giving a

Is a Marketing Degree Required for a First Marketing Job?

Marketing graduates need skills that help them compete for jobs in the market. It can be hard for colleges to understand what skills they should be focusing on. A study of content analysis of 250 online person specifications for a range of entry level and early career posts allowed for a better understanding of what is needed in the market (Wellman, 2010).  -Under half of employers demanded a degree and less than a quarter marketing degrees.  -Experience is required.  -Communications, interpersonal relationships, information and communications technology, planning, self-management, decision making and problem solving are needed.  -Creativity, responsibility, initiative, determination and confidence Thus a student may not need a marketing degree to obtain their first marketing job. There is no discussion on whether or not that is the case later on in the career. Perhaps a management degree is enough to get started and marketing degrees are needed later on. More importantly, at th

Pictures of Fort Lancaster in Sheffield TX

Fort Lancaster was an outpost fort in the 1855 but eventually was abandoned in 1861. It was used as an outpost again for a short time, Confederate troops held it for a while, and Native Americans attacked the site. Much of it has disappeared by locals who took the stone to use in their houses and buildings.

The "Sweet Spot" in Cardio Boxing

Training can be too slow or too intense but how you decide to train will determine your outcomes. Yesterday I took a boxing class that was just right. A Muay Thai class I took in the past was way too intense while a few other Kenpo classes I took were way too slow. This boxing class seemed to hit the sweet spot between pushing without overwhelming the body. What you want is to be challenged but maintain the ability to overcome that challenge. A little stress goes a long way but exhaustion is not good for anyone. You should feel just a touch uncomfortable but not "destroyed" when the class is over. Too Intense: This occurs when your heart rate is at your maximum (above 85%) and you have a hard time catching your breath. If most of the class is that way then you know it might be too intense of a class or not well designed. There should be periods where you are pushed along with some time to recover. Heart rate goes up and then down for maximum growth. Too Easy: At times

Do Younger Generations Have a Commitment to Democracy?

There are those articles that sort of shock us to think. I was reading an article in the May issue of the Foreign Policy Journal and there was a discussion on the commitment and belief that democracy is a desirable form of government. For Americans over 60 2/3rds of people believe that democracy is their preferred governmental style while only 1/3rd of younger Americans did. What? I had to take a double look. There it was again. Apparently, younger generations have been exposed online to many different forms of government but don't have a real grasp of democracy. The problem is that we are not showing them the power of democracy...we have sort of perverted it within the political process. While they may know the basics of democracy they have no idea what its like in non-democracies. They are disconnected from founding principles. I guess we should kept some equivalent to the Pledge of Allegiance. Democracy was formed in smaller communities and people knew each other and wer

The Book On Grand Strategy by John Lewis Gaddis-Tips to Successful Strategy

It can be hard to find interesting books on strategy. Most of the ones I read were pretty boring. However, On Grand Strategy, offered some insight into the way people think and what made some leaders successful and other fail. Much of it had to do with their ability to be a fox and a hedgehog. The fox is a person who changes with the times and uses cues from his environment to make decisions. They are able to see the world as it emerges and make fast paced decisions. They are not always right but they do adjust to the environment. The hedgehog makes very slow decisions and often gets stuck in a particular way of thinking. They have a hard time adjusting to changes but do have a long-term strategy. To be the most successful it is necessary for people to have a long-term strategy like the hedgehog but to be able to adjust while keeping those goals in mind like the fox. You don't want to adjust every day and you don't want to never be adjusting. In today's work environ

Yoga Routines that Help Your Body Recover from Workouts

I came a pretty good low impact yoga routine that works well on days you have to take a rest. True growth comes from working out hard and then giving your body time to heal the little tears. Engaging in light walking and yoga on your days off help to keep your muscles flexible and your blood flowing to encourage healing.

Integrating a Horse into a New Herd

Recently my horse Sass was introduced into a new herd. Apparently, she moved into the top mare position and the other horses respect her needs. Surprising since this horse seem to so mild and will be used to train children in horse riding. She also won a few awards and loves to trot and canter. Might be one of the reasons why she came out on top. I will say that there is a way in which one should introduce a horse to a herd. Remember that horses are creates of hierarchy (like we humans aren't) and will kick, bit, and fit a little to create a social order after a few hours or days. Make sure you do a few things that can help lessen the issue. 1.) Separate the new horses into paddocks but let them introduce each other. 2.) Feed all the horses before introduction to keep them calm. 3.) Walk around the yard to show the horse where it will be staying. 4.) Remove places where horses can get trapped in scuffle. 5.) Watch the horses for a while to ensure they are not getting excess

How to Get Bags of Name Brand Clothing for Under $100? Shopping Tips

Shopping name brand on a shoestring is possible when you know where and what to look for. You work hard for your money and shouldn't just throw it in the trash to pay for overpriced products that are not even made in the U.S. anymore. There are a few tips and tricks that can help you get what you want for the prices you can afford. It is first important to understand that many of the name brand products like Polo and Micheal Kors sell for $40 a t-shirt and $120 for a pair of pants. It may actually cost them somewhere around $3 and $20 respectively. Of course there is some overhead. Mall space isn't cheap! The point is that sometimes these store will sell for a much cheaper prices to move out clothing that has surpassed its season, has odd sizes, or in an effort to attract people. Today, I went to update my wardrobe and spend under $100 for two pants, two shirts, and two shorts from Calvin Klein, Polo, Gap, and Aeropostale, Since most of us purchase off of emotion make su

Trouble Shooting Your Bilge on a Boat

In San Diego, the sailing capital of the world, when visiting I stay on a boat. Sometimes I leave it for a long time and this means everything needs to be working fine or I will have problems when I come back. One of the biggest issues is the bilge pump. If it isn't working you can sink your ship. No one wants to incur the cost of removing a ship from the bottom of the ocean. I have been gone for two months and when I came back everything looked normal. I noticed the battery was dead. Apparently, I didn't have it plugged in the right way for charging while trying to hook up multiple batteries. I looked at the bilge and it was full of water. Thankfully, it was excessive which means it was working for a while. After trouble shooting I came across the problem and the bilge started removing water as it was supposed to. However, I have to be more mindful to ensure that I don't sink my ship if I get a leak or heavy storms fill up the cabin. 1.) Check to make sure your bil

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

It can be difficult to eat healthy while traveling. This can be frustrating when you are seeking to get into rippling shape and all you see is fast food and snacks. Among the trans fat are a few nuggets of healthy eating at common establishments. More importantly is that they are an alternative and easy to grab and go! 1. McDonalds: Oatmeal and Salads 2. Burger King: Veggie Berger and Salads 3. Subway: Whole Wheat Tuna Sub 4. TA Truck-stops: Fruits, Salads, Sandwiches and Other Options 5. Starbucks: Feta Spinach Wrap

Pictures of Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans

One of the reasons why this style of cemetery persisted in New Orleans is because the area is 4 feet under sea level and flooding can uproot graves. If you are in New Orleans look up Lafayette Cemetery as it it is one of the most frequently visited sites in the area.

The Conscious States When Great Ideas Come

The conscious state where creativity often happens can be described as quiet, solemn, introspective, reflective and wondering. When the brain makes new and unique connections that solve problems it must use a new pathway. This can be difficult if one is chronically interrupting this process with too much stimulus. Find a quiet pace, somewhere that is more reflective like nature, and give yourself enough time to calm down. Allow thoughts to roll in and out much like you are meditating. With enough time new ideas will emerge that start to give insight into the nature of a problem and its potential solutions. 1. Calm and quiet 2. Open-minded 3. Clear mind not distracted. 4. Early mornings and nights are more common. 5. When a level of previous knowledge has already been gained. 6. Nature

New Orleans Graveyards as Popular Tourist Destinations

Graveyards are popular tourist destinations while in New Orleans. The Catholic Church has graciously allowed tourists to come and pay their respects. The architecture dates back to when the French and Spanish owned the area. To me, such sites, are places to visit because they remind me of our limited time here and the need to have some purpose or goal that makes the world a better place.

The Benefits of Attending Conferences

Conferences offer opportunities to connect with faculty in your field, industry stature, stay on top of industry changes, share research and travel.Occasionally, I attend these conferences and hope to do so more in the future. The knowledge I learn is invaluable and contributes to university health. Connect with Faculty: Engage and connect with faculty that have similar research and business interests. Industry Stature: As you connect with other faculty members you also lean about new opportunities, activities, and practices. Industry Changes:  Industries always change so staying on top of them is important. This is even more important if you are in administration. Travel: Travel is  key bonus of conferences so you get to explore new areas.

Pictures of the Bayou-Touring Nature and the "Bog"!

When I travel the environment becomes part of my destination. One of the ways to move outside to smell the pristine air and foliage of the outdoors.  Experiencing the natural landscape before human development it is necessary to separate yourself from the relics of these societies. In my opinion, if you only frequent popular tourist attractions you are missing out on a very important underbelly that formed the nucleus of local culture. Enjoy some pictures of the Bayou. Crocodiles, turtles, birds, snakes, and rodent life exist in the swampy forest.  As you walk along an embankment it becomes strikingly clear that you are surrounded by a theater of "real" life and activity. The early French settlers would have seen the very same thing.

Why Humans Have Difficulty Outgrowing Their Social Networks?

We are social creatures that are bred, reared and eventually die within social networks. The very core of our identity is based in our psychological neuro networks that form from our interactions with others. Much of our personality is formed through our early family identities. This "inter-connectedness" is helpful for most but can be extremely limiting for others. To truly develop we must recognize the importance of our social networks but also step above them to create your own personal identity. I have lots of different types of friends but can sort of explain the limitations these identities can create. The "Sophisticated": This group likes wine, fancy clothing, are European and foreign in orientation, social climb and have good jobs. They are confident and expect each other in their group to be as sophisticated as themselves. They pick and choose their friends on social status, live a big city life, travel extensively, and are socially adept. If you don

Turtle Soup? Try it Once!

Adventure and exotic foods sometimes appeal to my palate. Sitting on the street patio of a popular New Orleans restaurant I saw Turtle Soup on the menu and decided to give it a try! What did it taste like? Creamy, slightly salty, small chunks of turtle, sherry underpinning gravy like....but pretty good! Not really my thing but worth one try! Turtle soup is banned in many places because the populations are hard to recover. Part of the Creole community New Orleans still has some restaurants that serve it. It is seen as a luxury here and in other places. A bowl will have 23g of protein and about 400 calories. About $18 per bowl.

Pictures of the Mississippi Bayou

The Mississippi Bayou offers a lush wetland full of life. New Orleans has a number of different hiking trails and paths into the wetlands. What makes the Bayou exciting is that these wetlands are bird safe havens and refuges for wildlife from things that crawl in the mud to those that live completely underwater.. We should do more to protect this valuable environment from human encroachment.  What we don't realize is that humans may someday "eat" themselves out of their own habitat so we shouldn't damage what we have left!

Little Things That Help Brand Cities-Remembering the Trolley!

There are little things that are functional and help cities gain a reputation. For example, New Orleans and food & culture or San Francisco and the Trolley. To some it may not make much difference but you will often find these symbols plastered all over billboards, advertisements and media. Eventually, they become tied to the identity of the place. I think of trolleys and immediately the images of San Francisco or New Orleans pops up. Somewhere along the line I encoded theses images and when they are recalled they are connected to oceans, floods, Blues music, sour dough bread, and shrimp! Two different places connected by a trolley in my mind. So trolleys can help put flavor on an existing brands but may not be the only differentiation. The totality of images, impressions, and cultural feel will create a theme of which trolleys fit like to create a "scene".  So when I think of New Orleans there are a number of images all connected together through my five senses

Hiking while Traveling-Enjoy New Scenic Routes

Hiking gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoors and see the world in its natural form. Some people live for the benefits of hiking and exploration. They can't wait to get out of the office and make their way to the closest hiking trails they can find. To me I enjoy traveling, fitness, and the outdoors so hiking while traveling shoots multiple birds with one stone. Sometimes gyms are hard to find when traveling and it makes sense to go to the park and get either a speed walk or hike in. Just make sure you got good shoes that will do both! A couple of helpful tips while traveling: 1. Google maps will show you all the trails and parks. 2. Use shoes that can be used in the gym, walking, or hiking. 3. Throw a pair of sweatpants in your car. 4. Keep your phone fully charged if you don't know the trials. 5. Some morning go to the gym and some out hiking. 6. If your driving an hour hike can break up your day. 7. Use hiking as another travel enjoyment to see the country

Why are Wages Not Growing with the Economy?

It would seem from a traditional economics approach that as economic activity speeds up, and unemployment lowers, that wages should rise. This is true in theory but it isn't true in today's world. Productivity rises but wages rise much less. People who are working hard and worth a lot are paid much lower for their labor. As a matter of point, peoples wages are generally declining over time and being eaten up by inflation. So there is something wrong....but it may not be easy to explain. Corporate profits are up so this doesn't make a lot sense that workers wages are not also up. Sometimes companies make so much money they take it and invest it overseas in order to avoid paying taxes. Of course, those companies have no moral qualms about leaving the country and ditching their loyalties when the accountants can shave another percentage or two of profit by doing so. .....kind of makes you wonder about the type of people donating to political campaigns and what they are exp

Reducing Stress and Improving Flexibility Between Workouts!

Putting your muscles under constant stress leads to soreness and can raise your stress levels. It doesn't make sense does it? However, as you tear your muscles for growth your body will draw resources and you will feel a little sore and tired. To counter this, while still improving your fitness level, you can engage in yoga and stress reduction at the same time! These type of routines are great a few hours before sleeping to settle you down and get the blood moving freely throughout your body!

Language Truth and Logic by Alfred Jules Ayer

I had the delight of reading Language Truth and Logic by Alfred Jules Ayer to come to the insight that the language we use is direct reflection on how we think. If you truly want to understand someone you only need to listen and sometimes ask questions. We can assess the quality of a persons thinking, their knowledge base and their use of logic in reasoning. Likewise, the book seeks to discredit in some ways intuition and focuses more on an empirical method of understanding. A often focuses on a priori understanding as not worthy of philosophy and seeks more to make a case for direct experience through our senses. The book definately fits within our current perception of science and how ways of knowing can be measured and understood. However, one may make the argument that there are periods before our ability to measure a concept that we "know" something and are forming an understanding of it. This is drawn from experience and the ability of our brains to understand the

Boxing Distance Is Important for Maximum Impact

The distance between the person and their opponent is important for maximum force. Just before full extension of the arm is where the most power is earned and received. That isn't always possible when in a match because one must vary their distance and power for maximum impact. However, trying to gain a few properly distanced punches will help you expend less effort and gain momentum.

Reforming Higher Education to Reduce Income Inequality

Higher education is an important aspect of living a full life with a living income. Education is starting to define the rich and the poor. The need for higher education is increasing with 85% of new jobs needing some form of higher education. That means there will be those who can and those who can't find meaningful work if we don't consider overhauling higher education. We are sort of stuck in the past. We love large physical libraries, big sports teams, dormitories, and the total college experience. I miss those days as well but the world has changed. There will be a lot more people who need to update their skills and won't have the luxury of leaving their jobs or paying the big price tag. A pretty good article came out on debt and the need for reform.

Congressional Budget Office Releases Economic Output until 2028

Potential GDP throughout 2018 to 2028 has risen. This will come at a cost of higher interest rates, prices and larger government debt. The next couple of years will experience higher growth and this will moderate in the following years. Good news is that labor will also be in demand. Because of the stimulus and increased activity people will be able to find jobs. This may cause some problems because as wages rise, not that this is a problem, interest rates will also rise with it and that can slow down the economy. I'm always concerned about debt. Debt can work when companies reinvest in the market. If they don't do this then there isn't increased economic activity, the debt mounts, and slows down future activity. We still don't have a clear understanding of how this will play out in the end. You can read the report here.....

Working the Boxing Bag Practice

The boxing bag practice is important for creating strength and speed. In any fight, or match, you will need this speed to win over your opponent. It may only take 10 to 15 seconds to throw off your opponent and give them a solid warning that you can defend yourself. In a match the speed can make your opponent less likely to jump in and go for a knock out. The practice is highly cardio in nature. It won't take long and you find yourself sweating which is greater for losing weight. This is one of the reasons why boxers are in such great shape. It is these bursts of energy that allow for greater fat burning potential.

The Country Life

In my life I had the opportunity to experience big cities, small towns and country life. One of the joys of country life are the fresh air, small town values, sense of community, and the outdoor activities. Yesterday I took a few shots. Things just seem to slow down there and everything gets simple.