Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Methods of Changing Corporate Culture

Organizational culture is like the glue that connects people together into a pattern of work and approaching problems. While it is difficult for leaders to understand their culture from an objective standpoint they nevertheless know they are in one and intuitively know the rules of existing within that organization. An article in the Harvard Business Review believes you can adjust culture.

The authors indicated that culture is shared, pervasive, enduring and implicit. It is something people have unwittingly bought into and it continues on in a way that few members have full knowledge of. It is believed that culture can be changed if we set the cultural target.

1. Understand the culture
2. Consider strategy and the environment,
3. Frame the aspiration in business realities

Providing a new sense of direction an strategy are a method of achieving cultural change. However, I would further add that simply having a new target doesn't change culture unless there is new patterns in communication and methods of approaching problems. Therefore, culture must be a structural change and an incentive change within the organization and/or it must be a crisis that transforms the inner workings of the organization.

Groysberg, B, Lee, J. Price, J. & Cheng, J. (Jan-Feb, 2018). The Leaders Guide to Corporate Culture. Harvard Business Review,

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