Thursday, March 8, 2018

Everyone Should Have a Purpose in Life? Search for the "Holy Grail"

Each person should live a purposeful life based on something they find valuable and helpful not only to themselves but also to society. This purpose leads one to make choices and actions that give them daily direction. Every day I see people without purpose wandering from birth to death without a focus and this can be detrimental to your life satisfaction.

Aimless life isn't necessarily a bad thing but seems sort of bland. We see it all the time, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, and eventually grow old doing the same thing over and over. There is little attempt to improve yourself or those around you. A kind of hand and mouth existence without greater awareness.

Some have made money their only focus. They may accumulate a lot within a lifetime and there is nothing wrong with this. At some point they have enough for security and beyond that what they do with it is important to their life goals.

There are others who have deeper purposes. This can be something like setting an example, gaining knowledge, raising awareness of an issue, improving life or any number of important things. Such people are different as they have a deeper and wider understanding of life and try and contribute when they can.

It can be hard when you have a purpose and others seem to be focused on lower values. Money, social prestige, self-glorification, etc... are raised as high ideals and if you don't follow there is sure to be some criticism. However, as we age and when we are very old often we come to realize that all of it could be traded for a few more meaningful moments.

The quest for the "Holy Grail" is your personal quest based on what is important to you. It may be lofty or it can be selfish. The way you live your life reflects on your personal values.

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