Saturday, March 10, 2018

Economist Believes US. Could Crash in 2019

Economist Jorge Angele from Austria's Raiffeisen Bank International believes that the economy may overheat in the future according to an article in Market Watch.  He argues that we are riding at maximum growth and have low unemployment so speeding up the economy more could cause it to overheat and eventually become a recession.

Much of this depends on how the international markets react and whether or not protectionist policies end up damaging trade. If they don't they are unlikely to make a large impact.

However, if the U.S. moves to a higher plane of economic development this may not come true. Lets consider a place where more companies move to the U.S. and more investment flows in. With proper stability and growth the U.S. could just function better.

All these things are dependent on many different factors of which some is out of the U.S. control. My personal belief that with wise policy we could change our overall level of functioning to a higher growth rate that is stable.

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