Sunday, March 11, 2018

Consistency and Pace are Key in Fitness

I'm sitting with a good friend having breakfast and he discusses how he hasn't been to the gym in a while. He is a good natured fellow but very much overweight. As I ordered eggs, whole grain bred and a little meatball I noticed he jumped right to the crepes, fries, and pigs in a blanket. He discussed how his trainer has him do really heavy weights and he is so sore he can't move the next day.

It got me thinking. I think his trainer is very wrong and possibly could end up injuring him in the long run. At this stage he should focus on his eating, moderate weights and significant amount of cardio. So he asked for some advice and I gave it.

Not that I am an expert in this field but I can say that first you have to manage your eating. That is 70% of the battle. If you are eating fatning foods and lots of carbs and dairy you are going to gain weight.

Second advice was split his time between cardio and weights. Don't just go to the weights because it is "manly" and your trainer is a body builder. It isn't necessary. Cardio will help improve his cardiovascular health and his weight.

Third, focus on medium weights that are just a little difficult on the 10th rep. He wants to ensure that he is burning calories and still being able to push for moderate growth. Pain in soreness is a red flag your body can't handle it. Slow repetitions will ensure you are maximizing muscle engagement.

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