Tuesday, March 6, 2018

China Beats the European Union. Is America Next?

Chin's GDP will reach $13.2 trillion this year beating the $12.8 trillion of the combined 19 nations of the EU (According to Bloomberg). The U.S. is at $18 trillion and it will take less than a decade to get there. So what are we doing about it?

Well I think there is a push to change our fate but the U.S. has lost so much manufacturing power over the past 30 years that it will be difficult to get it back without major changes in our political structure but also how we think as a nation.

One of the issues we face is a lack of direction based on a few principles that all political parties can agree with. We have many versions of America and each party seems to have their own goals. Instead of a debate on how we should achieve those goals we have more of a debate of established ideology.

Another major issue is the chaotic and confrontational manner of current politics. This is a problem that has been brewing for decades and our leaders are more concerned with following their own political camp versus making independent decisions expected of highly capable individuals.

We also need new blood in politics. Because large money makes its way into the system the well connected and powerful are making the same type of decisions over and over but new blood with new ways of thinking about things seem to be lacking. Political, social, and economic mobility is becoming difficult.

Of course we should have a discussion on innovation and corporate competitiveness. Our infrastructure is an advantage at the moment but it will need to stay ahead of the competition. That comes with revamping our corporate competitiveness and creating an export economy. The next digitization and AI era can be ours if we prepare our country.

Without change there will be no change. The expected result based on the current trajectory is likely unless the rules are changed. That requires new ways of thinking and protecting what we all hold sacred and changing the way in which we do business to bring forward something new. It requires a focus on a few principles of our future and truly living those American values that provide equal opportunities for all.

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