Monday, March 19, 2018

Austin's Bombings-What is the Killer Trying to Say?

Chaos and destruction abound with Austin's serial bomber. The motivations are yet unclear as seemingly random with different types of victims. One has to wonder what the motivations are how to catch such a criminal? There are so many unanswered questions and too many places to look for clues. It is wise to look backwards from the scene and pick apart the pieces when discovered.

Such people always have a message but many times these messages are just sort of lost in the mix or you don't have enough information to evaluate them. There are times when partial insanity mixed with high skill would make these messages difficult to decipher to the rational mind. Nevertheless, there is always a meaning somewhere because all human behavior is goal directed.

If one were to investigate this I think they would look at the following things:

-Connection between victims, characteristics and locations.
-Online threats and messages.
-People in the area with military or overseas training.
-Radicals in the area.
-People who are disgruntled, lost their jobs, made threats, or have a history of anti-social behavior.
-Canvassing bomb making materials in the area and where they are being purchased from. Specifically those that are hard to get.
-Videos and pictures of people entering and leaving the area. It is possible they may have stalked the area prior to engagement.
-Recent police complaints, abuse victims, and others who may have pertinent information.
-Separatist groups and others who have a stake in chaos.
-Continual searching for clues and hidden messages in the methodologies and approaches.

Such behavior is destructive and focused on victims. If there was a connection between these people you could say cause but it seems at first light it is more of a chaos approach to put people in fear. One has to wonder if they are simply saying "look at me" and taking some sick pleasure from the media exposure. Ultimately they have a purpose but knowing what that is at this point is anyone's guess.

What bothers me about this is that people come to view the world in their way and think they should force those views on others. They are not "open to experience" and willing to accept different viewpoints of the same phenomenon. Instead they seek to push their will on others which is a sign of deeper aggression and anger.

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