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Open Education Resource for Text Books-Will it make a difference?

The $5 million budget offered for studying OER for people in college is one step in reducing costs. There are times when a single text book can cost over $200. That is not to say the authors don't deserve it but that the cost can be prohibitive to students. Amazon has a rental program that is also helpful that also is fairly expensive. I have two fundamental questions related to their potential usage as well as whether or not students can learn on their own. Will OER be used? That depends on whether or not professors actually assign these books. They are likely to be used by open access education but there is a stake professors have in some books that they have written. Sometimes they simply support their own researchers at the university or who support their viewpoints. Can students learn on their own? It is important to remember that university is based in knowledge they don't have a monopoly on knowledge. What they have a monopoly on is whether a person is certified

Routines that Help Stretch Muscles After Heavy Exercise

If you are engage in a heavy exercise program you will need to stretch your muscles and improve your overall balance. As our muscles grow they get tight and loosing them helps in overall flexibility, balance and general performance. The last thing you want to do is be so tight you start to rip muscles even when doing basic movements. One sign of total fitness not only includes muscle tone but also the ability to use those muscles at different flexible ranges. This program has some stretching and balance that can be helpful.

International Conference on Business, Education, Social Sciences and Technology

0 9 to 11 August 2018 Helsinki, Finland Registration fee for students (please show ID student) Submit Full Paper/Poster/Abstract Before: May 15, 2018 (Miss a deadline Contact us on email: ) Please join us for the International Conference on Business, Education, Social Sciences, Humanities, Tourism, Transport and Technology in Helsinki. The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers to present their ideas, proposals, or completed research in all areas of research to an international audience. Since 20 to 25 different countries are typically represented, blind peer reviews are available. The papers will be published ISBN. Proceedings on flash drive will be provided at the time of the conference. If you would like more information please look at our website. Topics of interest for submission include any topics as follows: Business: --Accounting --Auditing --Banking --Business Education --Business Ethics --Busi

Detox vs Healthy Eating? Why Detox is Counterproductive for Weight Loss

Detox programs are popular in California and I know of people who are trying them. Of course there are programs out there that people have to pay for and this is one major motivator why some companies (and people) advocate for it. In most case they are just misinformed. There is very little difference between this and supplement companies that promote their products even when they are not healthy or helpful. What people don't realize is that there are dangers to using these programs and they are likely to gain even more weight when they are done. They are unlikely to gain anything out of these detox programs and should focus on lifestyle and exercise changes. What I have heard from people who have completed a detox program is that they often feel sick but do drop a few pounds; in their minds it is worth it! This includes weakness, fatigue, dizziness, and low energy. When they are done and begin to eat their normal routine again they usually gain the weight back because their

Philosophy Crash Course

I believe that philosophy is part of a persons development and depth of their thinking. Without understanding we can't have a true grasp of the nature of life or the sciences. While most people are focused on what they are going to have for supper, while there are others who think about the greater universe and its needs. For those who want a crash reading I would suggest the following book. Philosophy Crash Course: An In-depth Overview of History's Great Thinkers by Paxton Casmiro Its an easy read and offers an opportunity to get the "skinny" on each of the major philosophers to understand what is out there in terms of thought. While most philosophy books written by philosophy professors seek to create a perception of wisdom through big words and complex sentences this book is for the average person. Philosophy helps us balance our place in life by helping us understand our place in the world and the nature of people and society. A question most of us struggle

The Personal Attributes and Skill Needs of Marketing Graduates

Getting that degree and jumping into the next position may be difficult without the right kind of skills and personal attributes that appeal to employers. Higher education is partly about developing the whole person so they can be an active and engaged individuals in the workplace and society. Research helps us understand what employers are looking for from marketing graduates. A study in the Journal of Marketing Intelligence & Planning help shed light on this issue. Half of 250 employer recruitment profiles required a degree and 1/4 required a marketing degree (Wellman, 2010). However, experience was required. Skills needed were communications, interpersonal relationships, information and communications technology, planning, self‐management, decision making and problem solving. Personal attributes included creativity, responsibility, initiative, determination and confidence. This study helps us understand that there are some skills that apply to many different types of areas

Does Timing Meals and Fasting Work for Weightloss?

Does timing meals and fasting work? There is no conclusive answer yet and the jury is still out. There may be some benefits but no scientific results. Most of it has been from individuals who have tried it and claim they have lost weight. How does it work? Only eat during a 12 hour period and leave the other 12 hour period for not eating. It is believed that your body needs this time to adjust to not having food and without it we put our cicadian rhythm out of wack. We weren't designed to eat all the time.  That we can agree with and it makes sense.  However, the biggest benefit may simply be less calories being imputed into your body. Think about it. If you are eating when you feel hungry for 12 hours versus 18 hours that means you have less calories to burn off.  This depends on your goals.  If your hitting the gym and working out alot you would have to shove a lot of food in your mouth during that 12 hours to build muscle. However, if you are the average &

When is it beneficial to "dump" someone?

People get upset over dumping someone and avoid the sting of rejection. Sure its painful to break the bonds that you started to create. However, when "red flags" arise and you need to back away you can do so with some grace. Other times you may need to just make things abrupt. Remember that the goal is not short term dating but long term bonding with someone who is capable of developing a meaningful deep relationship.  Not all people can. There are a few rules you can learn when it is wise to consider "dumping" someone. Before you go headlong into breaking ties remember that there are times you can work out your differences by simply being honest and asking for clarification. If the other person doesn't want to respond or doesn't care enough to give straight answers they may not be the "one" for you. It takes two and if they are not in; then they should be out! 1.) Too many questions but not enough answers is a time to reevaluate the benefit

Leadership Confidence Gets Things Done

Leadership inspires other. We could spend all day talking about how being reflective, quiet, nice sweet and gentle are signs of leadership. While these are tools that should be taken out of the box when needed with certain individuals. Leaders have a vision and push others to achieve it. That difference of confidence and self-doubt make the difference between can do and maybe can do. The traits of leadership. 1. Confidence: Belief in the ability to get things done, belief in self and belief that people can be better than they are. 2. Draw from Strength: They draw from their strengths and know their weaknesses but don't dwell on others. They encourage others but are not afraid to give constructive feedback. 3. Purposeful Reflection: They are willing to reflect on themselves and what they can do better but only if that reflection serves the purpose of doing it better next time. 4. Resource Draw: They collect and draw the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Always

Research Should be Based on Organizational Strategies

We need another research your project and your not sure what you should be working on. Lets say that if the research doesn't have some practical use it isn't likely to give you much merit or allow you to move ahead in your career. Figuring out what research you should be doing should be based on the strategic plans of your organization. Lets say your company needs to move into a new market but doesn't know how. They want to get to China but are struggling to understand the ins and outs of doing so. For in-house researchers this would be a great place to start. heck...studying how daisies grow or whether or not more coffee improve productivity. Many studies die from lack of relevance anyway. First look at the available literature because there is a lot out there and plenty to work with. Get the overall picture and see what you already have and how it fits with your research interests. No need to reinvent the wheel when you can piggyback on others. Once you

Calculating Your Budget

People should live on a budget in order to ensure they have enough money going into savings, recreation, housing and other stuff. It can be hard. Most people I know are not budgeting at all. They simply don't have enough savings. Here is a little budget tool that might help you make some choices.

Creating the Full Life

Life is full of choices. We choose activities based on our needs and preferences. Many of us don't create a full life and don't have horizons much larger than our backgrounds. I come from a small place in the world and I can say that about 60% of people have never traveled more than 2 hours drive from our hometown. But that isn't really the issue, it is the inability to explore those activities that cover the major needs for a healthy life. I see there there are many needs but to have a well rounded life it is important to fulfill these few: 1.) Social: We need to socialize and having meaningful relationships. Lots of these will be just acquaintances but they still fulfill a purpose. 2.) Physical: The need to get out and move and improve ones physical abilities. 3.) Meaningful work: The need to do something we enjoy in a way that still pays our bills. 4.) Creative: An outlet on being creative and doing unique things. 5.) Intellectual: Spur our thinking and our b

Low Impact but High Cardio Workouts

Low impact cardio is great when you are older so you don't damage your joints and create injuries. What I have noticed is that it can be difficult to get solid cardio with many low impact routines. However, this video does a pretty good job at it. I'm not a big fan of fitness bands but they are convenient and easy to use.

Technical Skills Needed in Marketing Curriculum

In the best case scenario college students should graduate with the ability to take on jobs as quickly as possible. This is an ideal we should continuously seek to achieve. However, there will always be a need for corporate training as education is often based on more broad skills. There seems to be a market need for ensuring that some technical skills are learned within the course so that needed job positions can be obtained.  A study of marketing skills needed for entry, middle and senior level positions found that there are differences in the skills needed between these career phases (Schleel & Harich, 2010). Of the 500 marketing jobs reviewed from there was increased emphasis on ensuring graduates have increased technical skills among all levels. Entry level candidates needed more skills than marketing knowledge while more senior graduates needed to analyze databases and use industry specific software. Oral, written and team building skills were also important. 

Rejuvenating Higher Education Institutions as Places of Greater Thought Through Student Confidence

Students don't always come into college confident of themselves, the material, or their abilities. Nevertheless, they may have something important to say even if they don't feel confident in saying it. Empowering students to take control over their academic learning experience and personalizing it to themself is important. There are some things that professors should never never do in the learning process and that includes brow beating opinions they disagree with. Decades ago I was taking an experimental psychology course in graduate school. We were at a round table with the professor discussing issues as they relate to genetic enhancement and adjustment. Most of the conversation was around how we are now capable of impacting the genetic abilities of some people and fix some of the diseases that people suffer from. We then began to discuss the issue of ethical and legal concerns of doing so a thought popped into my head. The professor, a polished psychologist, was adamantly

The Need for Student Loan Forgiveness: 3 Unanswered Questions

More student loan forgiveness is needed in the U.S. while lawmakers consider removing it altogether. Does it make sense or is it counter productive? Here are a few thoughts that you may or may not agree with depending on where you lean on this issue. Yet there are important questions because we must address those issues in the future. 1.) If college education is getting more expensive how does a high student loan interest rate and the discussion on removing student loan forgiveness impact future education? While it may seem to be a money saver we may need to consider that it will become increasingly more costly and while the need for education in a high tech world is increasing the ability to obtain such an education will decline. 2.) Are student loans a drag on the economy? Somewhere around a trillion dollars is locked out of the economy by student loans. This money is not spent on products and services. Of course government revenue is important but we should consider the othe

Bag Boxing Workout

It is hard to find good videos on bag boxing. This is one of the better ones with combination punches, some exercise, and enough cardio to get a workout. I tried it and will likely do it again. They did a pretty solid job. While videos are great for home practice there is nothing like going to the gym.

Mental Diversity in Higher Education

A few higher education industries define the goals of education for the rest of us. As "gold standard" institutions they have created the mental framework for other universities. Whether that is through example, political capital, or the type of people they have graduated, the rest of the world seems to want to emulate their success. An article in the Maine Wire discusses what is diversity of thought. It isn't what you might think but it can have an influence on university outcomes if it reflects the student population but yet still changes the way student's think. Higher education isn't about creating clones but more about creating independent thinkers that view the world in new ways. Having faculty from the same indoctrinated educational background does student's a disservice. They are not exposed to new and unique ideas or ways of thinking needed in the Information Age. The more "educated" we get the more difficulty we have coming up with u

Getting Small Towns to Connect to Higher Economic Growth

Rural and small towns are often disconnected from the growth of larger cities through geographic distance, cultural difference and industry supply needs. The cause of this over the decades has been partly due to globalization and through industry shifts. There are ways to "reconnect" them to the economy. 1.) Resources: Many of these towns formed around the extraction or mining of resources. With globalization raw resources were cheaper overseas and declines in farming, mining, and other industries started to dwindle the economic base of these regions. Rejuvenating these industries will allow for growth in these towns and an influx of new people. 2.) Suppliers: Just like natural resources, small production also moved overseas and companies in the U.S. assemble plug and play parts built overseas. Potential micro manufacturing facilities are rotting away as companies do not offer start-up support for small towns that need these industries. 3.)Virtual: As online work increa

Economics Needs New Theories Not Bounded by Pure Empiricism

Empiricism is like looking at a problem with a microscope to prove a phenomenons existence. As we dig deeper and deeper we start to forget about the overall framework by which these discoveries are found. We may have lots of empiricism but not enough new theories to explain these ideas. A great article on Theory and Empiricism in the Bloomberg helps define this problem better. I've been taking this Macro-Economics class at Harvard to try and understand the inner workings of economics from the experts. What I have noticed is that there are lots of formulas, data, numbers, and relations between variables. Yet, when I read the news it is noted that we are often wrong about economic outcomes. Why is this a problem? means we aren't explaining something as well as we should. If we had a strong grasp on the inner economic workings we would be more right than wrong. Listening to a program on the news, please don't ask which one, an economist came on and said econom

Non-Traditional Education Leaders Contribution to Universities

Non-traditional education leaders have something to add to higher academia. There was a transition outlined in the Chronicle of Higher Education when universities stopped focusing on their missions and more into big business. This transition has sparked a different mindset in universities and allowed some to grow much larger but may have impacted the focus of these universities. Have you ever wondered why we build huge college arenas and not science centers or better academics? Part of the reason might be that sports pays money and acts much like advertising. Proving your academic merit is much harder than hiring high quality sports players. It is much like a business. Universities need revenue and state taxes sometimes create a budget shortfall. However, so does having too many administrators and not enough academics on hand. Sometimes universities get top heavy and more and more salary and power concentrates into administration than it does in teaching or science. Not sure h

Austin's Bombings-What is the Killer Trying to Say?

Chaos and destruction abound with Austin's serial bomber. The motivations are yet unclear as seemingly random with different types of victims. One has to wonder what the motivations are how to catch such a criminal? There are so many unanswered questions and too many places to look for clues. It is wise to look backwards from the scene and pick apart the pieces when discovered. Such people always have a message but many times these messages are just sort of lost in the mix or you don't have enough information to evaluate them. There are times when partial insanity mixed with high skill would make these messages difficult to decipher to the rational mind. Nevertheless, there is always a meaning somewhere because all human behavior is goal directed. If one were to investigate this I think they would look at the following things: -Connection between victims, characteristics and locations. -Online threats and messages. -People in the area with military or overseas training.

Poem: Sailors Gathering

The dark gives hold to a new day Figures appear that could cause fright. Yet as the light begins to burn bright. We see it was nothing but the night. Cliffs and hills form in morning break. Spring overtakes the winter. The distance is near. Long voyages as a daunting task. As soon as we remove the fogs mask. We see that sailing is smooth. Just over the horizon to safe landing. A resting place where sailors are brothers in banding.

China's Growing University Industry

As nations successfully compete on the global market and grow in wealth they also grow in academic stature. Likely one of the reasons why the U.S. has an academic crisis. China is becoming a destination for Asian students and fast becoming a regional intellectual power. This may also be part of the reason why they are also beginning to innovate versus just borrow and copy technology. According to an article in Channel News Asia there are 80,000 students from Southeast Asia enrolled in Chinese Universities. That is an increase of 15 percent. The trend will likely continue as China seeks to push for regional dominance and become a super power. Universities are a sign that an economy is doing well. When there is greater need to train the masses to fill jobs, new inventions, and intellectual activity ranging from the practical to the poetic you will find an economy growing. The height of civilization rests in the top crust of intellectual thinkers creating new and exciting things. M

A Power Cardio Yoga Workout

Cardio power yoga is good for building your core strengths and developing greater flexibility. This is a tough little routine that will get your heart pumping and your muscles a little sore.

The Nature of Man and Social Groups

Social groups are what we exist in and comprise our friends and family. Social groups can be a sign of personal strength and they can help us feel as though we are part of a community and supported by a network of people. While most of this is good groups are also a place where people seek to obtain their needs and therefor there is both a positive and negative aspect to groups. There is a saying that your 5 closest friends sum up who you are (or something like that). I think this to be only partially true. Certainly we attract people that similarities in interest and needs. However, as we get to know each other we change each other and impact each other's personalities. The friends we keep do become a reflection on us and we should be sure to choose good friends when we can. Friends are for different things. Some friends are for fun, some are for closeness, some for sports, some for convenience. Knowing which friends are for what will help you navigate the pitfalls of friendsh

Combination and Conditioning Boxing Workout

This is a fairly solid kickboxing workout. What I like about it is the coordination between hands and feet. Shadow boxing is a common form of practice. I prefer working on a bag but shadow boxing can still be a solid practice and raise your heart rate while still giving you a feel for the movements. He also combines actual practice with some core strength building techniques. 

Improving Employer Satisfaction of Recent Marketing Graduates

Employers hire graduates for positions within their firms. The marketing field requires significant "hands on" experience in order to function fully. Because it is a dynamic field much of the skills will need to be learned on the job but there are a few things universities can do that will help improve student's abilities to function within new positions. Gaining actuation experience while in school and designing curriculum around employer needs are just a few.  Employer perspectives on graduate readiness to immediately work within their field is at a mismatch (Walker, et. al., 2009). The researchers interviewed 14 graduates and 14 employers to obtain their results. There is a lack of skills to fit the organization. Specifically, this relates to obtaining and applying relevant skills. The authors recommend that students gain some level of real business case experience, develop closer business-university relations, and switch from seeing higher education as an extension

Finding Workout Routines that Fit Your Schedule

Commitment to a workout schedule is an amazing feat. Being consistent every day requires dedication. However, there are times when it is beneficial to change your workout schedule to accommodate yours lifestyle. That doesn't mean skimping on your workout or not being as dedicated, it only means adjustment to make it easier to accomplish. Some people work out in the morning and get it all done in one shot. They wake up early and then head to the gym at 5 in the morning. Good for them they can do that. That doesn't work for everyone. If you have kids and need to get them to school it isn't going to work well. The other option is to do it during your lunch hour. That works for some if they know when they will have lunch. Others do it at night and this works for many but sometimes it can get in the way of other activities that are going on.  That will mean flexibility is important. It is also possible to split your workout by doing a little walk at lunch and then a bigg

How Tax Rates and Profits Can Lead to Expanding the Economic Base

Its great when corporations believe America has a competitive tax rate and are interested in further investment. Even better that investors receive higher returns on their investment and create more financial capital.  To make these benefits widespread corporations and their stock owners must reinvest this capital in American businesses to ensure that new jobs are created and the economic foundation expands. The profit and reinvestment cycle creates a whole host of  other"trickle" benefits through society. There are a few things the expanding economic based can do for the economy. First, it can increase the amount of business and transaction volumes between businesses; secondly, it can create additional demand for skilled labor which in turn improves job expansion; third, it improves tax revenue through the amount of business and people paying taxes; and, fourth it pushes universities and trade schools to teach relevant skills thereby improving the potential for greater inv

Fast or Slow Repetitions to Build Muscle

When people hit the gym every day they want to maximize their benefits with the time they are investing. Being efficient seems to make sense when you have specific goals in mind. For some it is strength while for others it is bulk. Fast or slow repetitions will make a difference in which goal you actually achieve. Fast Repetitions: Faster repetitions will get you strength. This is helpful for those who seek to create speed and strength for sports such as boxing, running, basketball and others that require fast twitch muscles. Slow Repetitions: Slower repetitions will afford the opportunity build bulk. If you are looking to create a strong physique and seek to look "fit". As the slow down the repetition you are engaging slower fibers and creating more tears. Which is better? It depends on what you want strength & speed or bulk. There is a place for both and you can mix up some of your routines to train both types of muscle fiber. Repetitions that are slow should be

Job Postings Tell Us Something About Needed Technology Skills from Graduates

One big question often asked is what technology skills do graduates need in order to find their first marketing job. There are lots of ways to look at this problem but using job postings is a great idea for understanding what employers are seeking. It is they who do the hiring so it is they who have some level of expectation from graduates. After an analysis of job postings it was determined that basic skills needed by graduates was analytic skills, life long learning mindset, ability to work independently (Schlee & Karns, 2017). The categories were Excel (31%), other software (30%), project management (29%), database skills (27%), data analytics (24%), and web analytics (21%). Employers also wanted graduates to have some type of internship and experience. What we see is that marketing graduates need general ability to function on their own and look at information critically. Yet they also need to use basic tools in the marketing industry successfully and have some experience d

Albert Einstein's 129th Bday-What We Can Learn About Genius

The genius who invented the Theory of Relativity turns 139 today....assuming he was still alive. A few weeks ago I read a book on his life and thought it is not what you expect to find when thinking of genius. He didn't fit the standard prototype of a prodigal child and had some serious ups and down in his life. It was the way he thought that made the biggest difference. Einstein was seen as a genius a little later in his life. Most people thought he was relatively dumb in his first part of his childhood. He wasn't even much of a good student and nearly failed a class. Yet later on in life he bloomed and started to write papers. Even then he had a hard time finding an academic post and continued to work in a patent office. While very intelligent one of the most important things I believe he said was... “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Genius is a way of thinking it isn't the simple recall of information. Standardized tes

Enjoyment of Contact Sports Like Kenpo and Boxing

There is something to be said of contact sports and the adrenaline that comes from engaging in them. While I'm not an adrenaline junky I do believe that such sports are useful on a physical and psychological level. While maybe not everyone's "cup of tea" I feel that putting them into your fitness activities can be helpful in the process of rounding out your personality and abilities. The first think you can think of is the fitness side of it. Yes boxing specifically will get you into shape while much of the background work must be done at the gym. So it gives you a focus for your workouts. Getting better and stronger takes a level of commitment. It is also a useful skill. While one should not walk around like they are a "god" among men it is a useful skill if one is attacked. We hope we live in a safe world but we sometimes come across physical intimidation by others who have not learned other ways of handling conflict in a non violent manner. There is

Making Graduate Employment Promises-Better Job Placement Services

Universities can offer promises of employment. According to an article in Inside Higher Education DePauw University has a 95% student placement rate and now is promising full job placement; even with a liberal arts degree. As a Methodist based school of 2,200 it promises that students will either get a job within 6 months or get another semester of tuition absolutely free. There are other things universities might be able to do to offer this guarantee without taking huge risks in the process. What can schools do to learn from this offer? Offering jobs is not really the main business of universities but more along the lines of educating people to expand their knowledge base and helping them fully develop their minds so they can be highly functional people in society. The job is a result of this higher knowledge and functioning that often leads to employment and better pay. There has been a greater push in years to ensure that students that graduate are actually able to achieve full em

New "UFO' Sighting----Well Maybe or Maybe Not

I'm definitely not a UFO guy. Never thought much about them other than it is possible and plenty of rumors and conspiracy theories for decades. Of course no one can say one way for sure either way. It is all theoretical and hypothetical. I'm still thinking it could be some technology developed somewhere else but it does sort of open a lot of questions. December saw a previous releasing.

The Innovative Importance of Supporting Small, Medium and Large Businesses in the Political Process

Somewhere in our political process we began to focus on large companies and their needs for economic growth. While well intentioned, our political leaders may not be seeing the bigger picture of why small and medium size companies also need to be encouraged through appropriate legislation to create the best long-term performing economy. Reorienting their perception is helpful so they can understand how all three levels of business interact to create maximum growth and should ensure legislation aligns well to ensure all three thrive. Small business provides innovation. Entrepreneurs start businesses based on new ideas they believe the market is lacking. While many of these businesses may fail, some will move onto become star performers. Others will be bought out by larger companies and others will have their ideas and patents bought out. The entire process leads to new knowledge being dispersed throughout the system. Medium level businesses have reached a critical stage where they a

China Views the US as a Mature Economy but The U.S. May Be Moving to a Higher Performance Platform

China is following suite with the American economy. While their growth is higher they seek to raise overall consumption and appear to be opening up their borders to more imports. At least this is in theory. They are seeking to mimic the American economy in many ways but the U.S. is poised to move onto the next level of economic development in the next decade. While Chinese technology and innovation has risen they are still primarily using cheaper labor and costs to attract manufacturing work. The American manufacturing environment is more expensive but also more advanced. While we can't say the American economy is stagnant we can say that it doesn't experience as high growth as emerging economies. This stagnation may change the way we invest our income in technology and labor efficiencies. We should first consider that we have low level of unemployment and so labor will get more expensive as wages rise. It is a basic law of supply and demand. This pressure will push manuf

Consistency and Pace are Key in Fitness

I'm sitting with a good friend having breakfast and he discusses how he hasn't been to the gym in a while. He is a good natured fellow but very much overweight. As I ordered eggs, whole grain bred and a little meatball I noticed he jumped right to the crepes, fries, and pigs in a blanket. He discussed how his trainer has him do really heavy weights and he is so sore he can't move the next day. It got me thinking. I think his trainer is very wrong and possibly could end up injuring him in the long run. At this stage he should focus on his eating, moderate weights and significant amount of cardio. So he asked for some advice and I gave it. Not that I am an expert in this field but I can say that first you have to manage your eating. That is 70% of the battle. If you are eating fatning foods and lots of carbs and dairy you are going to gain weight. Second advice was split his time between cardio and weights. Don't just go to the weights because it is "manly"

Economist Believes US. Could Crash in 2019

Economist Jorge Angele from Austria's Raiffeisen Bank International believes that the economy may overheat in the future according to an article in Market Watch.   He argues that we are riding at maximum growth and have low unemployment so speeding up the economy more could cause it to overheat and eventually become a recession. Much of this depends on how the international markets react and whether or not protectionist policies end up damaging trade. If they don't they are unlikely to make a large impact. However, if the U.S. moves to a higher plane of economic development this may not come true. Lets consider a place where more companies move to the U.S. and more investment flows in. With proper stability and growth the U.S. could just function better. All these things are dependent on many different factors of which some is out of the U.S. control. My personal belief that with wise policy we could change our overall level of functioning to a higher growth rate that is

Should Economists Have Moral Leanings?

Arguments for and against economist having moral leanings is something debated within their community. Some of us roll our eyes when people throw moral judgments out in the world with radical beliefs on both sides of nearly any political or economic argument. However, there is a place for some warnings but analysis must be bias free. No: Economists are like scientists and should not have moral leanings. They should seek to be objective in all cases and simply evaluate the economy and determine the findings. The more moral they get, the more skewed their judgement. Yes: The economists should not seek to create wealth for the already wealthy. Where and how they focus will determine what information is available and how that information can be used. Focusing more on the needs of raising all of society could lead to better management. However, an economist certainly could give warnings as human behavior and people's beliefs are part of what runs the economy. Growing income gaps,

February Job Numbers and Continue Retraining

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Reported that jobs in February increases 313,000 for the 89th month of job growth. Wages increased 2.6% show signs that employers are still hiring workers and feeling optimistic. Unemployment is still low. The overall news appears to be positive. Wage growth is important base on demand. With an unemployment rate of 4.1% there is some demand on the labor market. Getting below that number is possible but it can be very difficult. There is a need to think about the type of skills being offered in order to keep the economy growing. In the Industrial Age people thought about labor in purely "head count". However, in today's economy labor a battery of skills is more important. Improving the possibility of wage growth and continued hiring may mean training people and updating them toward higher skills. While many of these workers have already been through some type of school and training it may be outdated for maximum growth. Corporate tra

The Importance of Sleep to Recover from Working Out

Working out and physical fitness requires significant rest in order to achieve your true fitness goals. It is not possible to work out vigorously, putting your body through multiple tests, and then sleep only six or seven hours a week without feeling lethargic and eventually risk injury. Making fitness and sleep part of the same workout process is important for maximum body change. What does sleep do? Sleep allows your body to recover from heavy workouts. If you are doing weights and engaging in heavy cardio then you will need to rest your body significantly. Fitness gurus know the value of this sleep and try to put in enough hours of rest. Without it grow will be limited and your body will begin to feel tired and may actually reverse gains. How much sleep is necessary? Somewhere between 8 and 10 hours a sleep is necessary for someone who is engaged deeply into the fitness lifestyle. Everyone should sleep at least 8 hours, even if they are not working out regularly, but fitness buf

The Value of Supply Chain

A new article was recently printed in the Harvard Business Review related to Supply Chain investments and creating innovation in this arena. You can read the article here I wrote about the last article and am somewhat watching this research for my own purposes. I'm working on developing an economic approach to hubs and clusters. Supply chain creation among local businesses is an important consideration. Large companies often have smaller companies within the same area. They supply them with needed resources, tools, labor, and other things they need that are outside their core business. The supply chain connects them together as well as other clusters that exist in the area. When two large clusters are in one area they often interrelate and share knowledge to generate innovation. This depends on what those clusters are but they do have similar needs and many times share vendors. Innovatio

How the Government Influences the Decline in Private Universities

American's are losing their private universities despite global demand. At least, according to an article Inside Higher Edu  the U.S. private education sector is 27.5% which is now much lower than other nations. As private education in the U.S. declines does government own some of the blame for this? The total private enrollment around the world is $56.7 million which translates to 32.9% of the world's enrollment. Private education has a huge impact and is an important part of the higher education system. It provides a level of diversity and innovation for the entire system. Private education is facing challenges where some schools are closing and others are being regulated to death. Smaller schools are having a hard time competing. Think of the private liberal arts colleges with less than 2,000 students. They are going bust despite growing demand. There is a problem with regulation and the cost of student loans. In both cases, much of this is the government making. Unnec

What Does Flexibility on Tariffs Mean?

Tariffs are a type of tax that ensures foreign products cost more and American products are competitively priced. This is more likely if our industries are not competitive. Flexibility on Tariffs does two things 1.) maintain free trade for those who did not violate concepts of fair practices and 2.) protect the industry to develop. Flexibility is important when America has a long-term past precedence of promoting free trade. Yet there is a solid argument that some countries have taken advantage of that free trade good will. Therefore, a higher level of tariffs on abusive countries that engaged in "dumping" could be justified as a punitive measure to ensure countries have a stake in playing it fair. You must also consider that tariffs are only good when they allow already working industries to quickly pick up their competitive position through new investment, innovation and reform. Without a quick change in their position they will need these tariffs for a long time and th

11 Countries Seek to Improve Trade

Eleven countries are promoting sweeping changes to reduce tariffs and new trade rules called the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. The action is being taken as an attempt to ensure that the concepts of free trade and increased trade improve economies and lives. Some of this makes sense from a policy standpoint. Free trade is great and improves economic development. Countries that have porous trade borders gain advantages in terms of technology, wealth, and new ideas. This occurs because as they move their products overseas they generated wealth, and as they buy products from overseas they improve the wealth of others. Hypothetically, each country in a free trade area gains specialization advantages to focus on what they do best and this raises overall wealth. For example, if England produces better and cheaper sheep than Peru then they would focus more on sheep and purchase cheaper products from overseas raising wealth in both countries. Yet t

Everyone Should Have a Purpose in Life? Search for the "Holy Grail"

Each person should live a purposeful life based on something they find valuable and helpful not only to themselves but also to society. This purpose leads one to make choices and actions that give them daily direction. Every day I see people without purpose wandering from birth to death without a focus and this can be detrimental to your life satisfaction. Aimless life isn't necessarily a bad thing but seems sort of bland. We see it all the time, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, and eventually grow old doing the same thing over and over. There is little attempt to improve yourself or those around you. A kind of hand and mouth existence without greater awareness. Some have made money their only focus. They may accumulate a lot within a lifetime and there is nothing wrong with this. At some point they have enough for security and beyond that what they do with it is important to their life goals. There are others who have deeper purposes. This can be something like setting an

The Population of Hunters is About to Drop

There is a large population of hunters that are about to move out of their prime hunting age. Many of them are Baby Boomers and getting too old go out into the woods. When they stop hunting the money they contributed to conservation will also decline. Contrary to popular opinion hunting is good for the environment. People who hunt are often very concerned about the environment, donate to wildlife programs and protect their habitat. Enjoyment of the atmosphere comes with a concern over pollution and habitat destruction. Hunting is very regulated today and requires people to buy licenses that are worth much more than the price of the meat. Yet they do it to get outdoors and engage in the sport. Loosing their money will mean we will need to fund conservation from other areas. Some argue that the amount of hunters will drop 30% in the next few years.

Detroit State of the City Address and Areas of Continuous Improvement

The State of the City by Mike Duggan addresses a few key points. Below is what I like and what I think could be improved in the future. A few key points: 1. Better schools, bus routes to school programs and college tuition. 2. Infrastructure on roads, biking and parking. 3. Housing improvements in removing abandoned houses and remodeling older houses. 4. Better police and fire protection. 5. 2 Billion budget that may allow removal from state oversight. 6. Jobs and businesses. These are good things. They are still in the arena of building the basics. Attracting more business is helpful in creating long-term viability of the city. To be truly successful the city will need to also do a few more things for long-term development: 1. Partner with the region and state to attract back manufacturing into the area. 2. Create new and enhance existing export infrastructure. 3. Encourage new businesses and clusters to form in the area. 4. Continue to work on making business-governme

Spending on the Arts is Increasing and That is a Good Thing

Culture and human expression in arts is an important part of understanding the world around us. New statistics show that the arts and culture sector contributed $763.6 billion. That is somewhere around 4.2% of the economy and is much higher than many other sectors. The cultural views in the nation are changing with a new and emerging younger generation that values different things than previous generations. Both outdoor recreation and the Arts have increased this year. People are more interested in engaging in a well rounded life. They provide an outlet for the deeper meaning of life beyond work and making money. It provides an appreciation for our culture and the culture of other people. I have spend a lot of time with people from Europe and other places in the world and what I found is that believe Americans are not very "cultural". I don't believe this to be true. We have our own culture based in our history and need to be practical. However, we are not always aware of

How "Elitism" in Higher Education Limits Its Benefits

Elitism is the idea that one is better than another because they have more money, resources, are more intelligent, have a better education and more opportunities than others. This may seem true in a short sighted way. However, elitism in higher education stifles its overall mission of helping people learn. When people are essentially locked out of opportunities because they were not born into wealthy families there is a level of dogmatic stunting in growth and depth that leads to inbred ideas that don't perform. Think of how learning creates structures in our brain and how we understand the world around us. As we move through the education process we come to use certain mental pathways for solving problems and in the end continue to use those same pathways to solve problems. New ideas may be crowded out by conventional thinking. Typically, in life this isn't a bad thing but in science it can be disastrous as new ideas are limited by the educational process. Some are not abl

China Beats the European Union. Is America Next?

Chin's GDP will reach $13.2 trillion this year beating the $12.8 trillion of the combined 19 nations of the EU (According to Bloomberg). The U.S. is at $18 trillion and it will take less than a decade to get there. So what are we doing about it? Well I think there is a push to change our fate but the U.S. has lost so much manufacturing power over the past 30 years that it will be difficult to get it back without major changes in our political structure but also how we think as a nation. One of the issues we face is a lack of direction based on a few principles that all political parties can agree with. We have many versions of America and each party seems to have their own goals. Instead of a debate on how we should achieve those goals we have more of a debate of established ideology. Another major issue is the chaotic and confrontational manner of current politics. This is a problem that has been brewing for decades and our leaders are more concerned with following their own

How Much Protein Should Active Men into Fitness Eat in a Day

I did a little reviewing of the currently literature on the amount of protein a person who exercises and wishes to gain muscle should consumer. General, ranges are between .6 and 1.5 grams per pound of weight. That is a lot. The recommended sort of informal average is about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Therefore, if  want to gain some muscle while working out you will need to meet a threshold of .6 grams of protein per pound to survive but somewhere around 1 gram of protein per pound to gain muscle.  It can be hard to gain this much protein so I would consider shakes, beans, peanut butter, lean meats, fish, and other sources. You have to consider that eating lots of fatty foods to reach this level will likely mean you are going to gain fat and muscle at the same time. It is wiser to overhaul your eating habits to include salads, lean meats, fish as well as stay away from too many carbs and processed foods. 80% of the battle with health has something to do with how

Removing "Too Big to Fail" Bank Legislation

The Senate is considering a bill that would reduce legislation on big banks implemented after the last major crisis. These rules are designed to protect tax payers and the economy from future risky investments that could have a detrimental impact on the larger economy. There is some debate as what they should do. First, let me state there are fundamentally different risks posed by the size and breadth of the bank. Smaller banks cannot impact the economy in a way that would pose serious risk and therefore should not have the same rules as larger banks. Likewise, it is important to make the argument that large banks made risky, and sometimes selfish, decisions to increase their wealth without adequately assessing the risks to themselves as well as to others. These rules have a purpose and should not be haphazardly thrown out. We are then led to what the rules should really look like. My suggestion is to adjust the rules to improve commerce while still providing enough checks and ba

Methods of Changing Corporate Culture

Organizational culture is like the glue that connects people together into a pattern of work and approaching problems. While it is difficult for leaders to understand their culture from an objective standpoint they nevertheless know they are in one and intuitively know the rules of existing within that organization. An article in the Harvard Business Review believes you can adjust culture. The authors indicated that culture is shared, pervasive, enduring and implicit. It is something people have unwittingly bought into and it continues on in a way that few members have full knowledge of. It is believed that culture can be changed if we set the cultural target. 1. Understand the culture 2. Consider strategy and the environment, 3. Frame the aspiration in business realities Providing a new sense of direction an strategy are a method of achieving cultural change. However, I would further add that simply having a new target doesn't change culture unless there is new patterns in

The Book Theory and Reality by Peter Godfrey-Smith

Last week I got done reading the book Theory and Reality which went through the introduction to the philosophy of science. I must say that it is a great book and people who are trying to learn about science and study science should read it. Unlike many other books it provides for a broader knowledge of the context and type of thinking associated with science. Concepts like empiricism, naturalism, and scientific revolution. You will also find subjective interpretation, empiricism, Bayesianism, Kuhn, Logic and history. Mostly the book will put the different manners of viewing and seeing science and observation into a larger picture. Sometimes we learn about the method and the overall process of designing experiments but we don't always have the large background knowledge needed to contextualize such information. It is important here because in research one has to be familiar with the methodology to better manage data and observation.  It is kind of a long book but the author do