Monday, February 26, 2018

Expanding Channels with Shared Marketing Messages

The international business environment is competitive and Americans are not doing as well as we once thought. Cities push to encourage companies invest in their regions through tax and other incentives but sometimes don't maximize the benefits of raising exposure to their area through marketing strategy. Governments that focus on the infrastructure, lifestyles, and benefits of investing in their economies can help businesses understand that they have a significant stake in ensuring their economy is growing and the right type of investment and skills are available. By working in a collaborative manner businesses can further expand the reach and depth of their marketing messages in ways that help them and their environment be more competitive.

Economic Marketing by Governments and Organizations

Governments and organizations like Downtown Development Authorities, and other business organizations, often engage in general marketing campaigns to raise tourism, lifestyle, and business development. Local businesses find these methods beneficial for pooling the advantages of marketing for all businesses in the area. Focusing on infrastructure, lifestyle, and other benefits of living and working within the region can draw future business and needed skilled labor that help existing businesses thrive.

Economic Marketing by Companies

Companies engage in marketing to raise the demand for their products and encourage sales. Their advertising campaigns contain, not only messages about the product, but also its value. In a cluster, some of these messages have shared meaning among the many different suppliers and companies that them. Companies often focus on the utility, feelings and benefits of their particular products and the overall value of the company itself.

Shared Marketing Messages

The brand and its place are often integrally tied together in a value proposition. Market messages from of participating entities (government and business) can share similarities in location and values. For example, an advertisement highlighting steel gates can also include images of the location in which these gates are made and their overall value to consumer. It is the shared information of where the product is produced and the environment in which it is made that strengthens the overall message.

Expanded Reach and Benefits of Coordinated Marketing

Coordinated branding  relies on having similar messages repeated in multiple ways and channels until a lasting image is formed in the customer's minds. Each company promoting its products should contain some information about the location in which the product is built. The government, or business entity (i.e. business organizations) should furthermore drive home the messages about the value of the business environment, types of infrastructure, lifestyle and the type of skills the area seeks to attract. Together, these shared and separate messages create greater reach of marketing for both the companies as well as the economic hub as a whole.

Expanding international reach of marketing occurs when we expand the channels through shared marketing messages. While companies focus on specific brand values they can include elements that raise awareness of the entire cluster and area. The advantages of greater exposure impact their suppliers and other businesses within the cluster together. There is incentive for governments, businesses, and local stakeholders to engaged in shared marketing messages that impact the development and access to skilled labor in the area.

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