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Expanding Channels with Shared Marketing Messages

The international business environment is competitive and Americans are not doing as well as we once thought. Cities push to encourage companies invest in their regions through tax and other incentives but sometimes don't maximize the benefits of raising exposure to their area through marketing strategy. Governments that focus on the infrastructure, lifestyles, and benefits of investing in their economies can help businesses understand that they have a significant stake in ensuring their economy is growing and the right type of investment and skills are available. By working in a collaborative manner businesses can further expand the reach and depth of their marketing messages in ways that help them and their environment be more competitive. Economic Marketing by Governments and Organizations Governments and organizations like Downtown Development Authorities, and other business organizations, often engage in general marketing campaigns to raise tourism, lifestyle, and busine

A New Digitization Productivity Boom on the Horizon that May Impact Wealth and Work

Think Tank Scholars at McKinsey Global Institute believe that we may soon experience a boom in worker productivity and increased advanced digitization that will transform society. Their hypothesis is that as the labor market becomes tighter companies will be forced to adapt new technologies that will improve labor productivity and innovation. It is believed that a productivity boom will improve overall output of the country and its subsequent wealth (McKinsey & Company, 2018).  You can Read the Research Here They argue that there has been limited labor productivity growth since the 1960s. There was a brief productivity growth boom between 2000 and 2004 and it was followed by productivity slowdowns. Their argument is that another productivity boom is likely in the near future based on technological advancements. Digitization will transform many companies because the tight labor market will force them to invest in digitization that is hitting the market. The end result is a boo

Enhancing American Manufacturing Through New Measures of Supply Chain Development

The Supply Chain Economy determines the extent companies can feasibly create new products that lead to greater innovation and output. This source of innovation is often ignored in traditional innovation measurements that are based on patent filings. According to a paper in a working paper by Mercedes Delgado and Karen G. Mills from MIT and the Harvard School of Business by changing the framework that focuses on the suppliers of goods and services that support business and government we can realize new levels of innovation by providing access to labor, buyers and capital (Mills & Delgado, 2018). Re-categorizing the economy to supply chain from business-to-consumers a different picture of innovation emerges. Supply chain industries are unique form of development that results in economic competitiveness and high paying job growth in a sector that employees 37% of the labor market (Delgado & Mills, 2016). Why might this be important? Government numbers are often outdated and ov

Why We Should be Concerned When Russia Gets Involved in Our Elections?

How concern should we be that Russia tried to influence the elections? The news today states that 13 Russian nationals were indicted because worked through Russia’s Internet Research Agency with a $1.2 million monthly budget to influence an American presidential election. With Cold War games Russia engages in modern spy and manipulation techniques that seek the placement of politicians that are favorable to their national aspirations. The extent of this influence isn't yet known but it is doubtful that it completely tipped the scales in favor of one candidate over another. However, the actual engagement in such activities raises a bigger concern over the sovereignty of our election process.  The election process is based on our belief that our votes count and that count determines a winner. If the American people do not have complete trust in the system the fault lines over other issues related to race relations, income disparity, political parties, and socio-economic issu

Is Rising Inflation and Interest Rates be of Concern?

Is an increase in interest and inflation a sign of concern? The U.S. economy experienced a 1.9 percent in interest rates that relates to an increase of 2.1 percent in consumer prices.  GDP growth is expected to be somewhere around 2.5%. Economists and people are concerned that it could be early signs of stagnation if the amount of purchases decline. Is there a right answer here? Consumer Price Index tells us how much prices are rising and what consumers are paying. Increased prices mean that we pay more. Interest rates indicate the cost of borrowing money and impacts loans and purchased throughout the economy. GDP is a measure of total output of the economy. The three numbers are related. Consumers are going to find products a little more expensive, loans more difficult to pay back, and we will experience mild economic growth which can impact jobs. In essence, we are all going to get a little less purchasing power from our paychecks this year. Is this an issue of concern? T

Tariffs Good or Bad Idea?

Much has been discussed in the news concerning tariffs in the U.S. and the desire to implement new tariffs on aluminum and steel to balance the trade deficit. While these ideas can be beneficial under certain circumstances they may not have beneficial long-term effects unless a few adjustments and changes to the policy make it plausible to implement. One of the biggest concerns is whether or not such policies will help or hinder the American economy. Building it Here Tariffs can sometimes encourage foreign companies to circumvent the new costs by setting up operations here and hire employees. The problem is that there must be an easy method for foreign entities to invest and set up operations for this to be a successful strategy. China has been using this approach successfully for some time and end up adding to their own knowledge base. Higher Supply Costs and Prices It is important to remember that a change in the price of commodities works it way through the economic system a

Research Reveals the Personality of a "Bad Hire"

Hiring the wrong employee can cost your company time, money and piece of mind! While the most aggressive "go getter" employees look great in the interview they may not be the person you want working for your company. Research shows that aggressive personality traits may impact their ability to work with others and may damage the long-term goals of your company. The study sought to determine what type of personalities impacted workplace deviance. They analyzed 150 permanent non-manager employees in a Fortune Global 500 Company. They found that diminished conscientiousness (r.39, P<.05) and agreeableness (r.29,P<.05) was often associated with workplace deviance. 1. Conscientiousness and agreeableness are negatively associated with organizational and interpersonal deviance. 2.Organizational commitment partially mediates agreeableness and organizational deviance. In other words, employees that ranked low on conscientiousness and agreeableness often displayed behav

2018 International Conference on Business, Information, Tourism, and Economics (BITE 2018)

2018 International Conference on Business, Information, Tourism, and Economics (BITE 2018) Bangkok Thailand, August 8-10, 2018 We cordially invite you and your colleagues to participate and submit papers to 2018 International Conference on Business, Information, Tourism, and Economics (BITE 2018) which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, August 8-10, 2018. We welcome submissions from all over the world and we encourage you to join us in Bangkok, Thailand to share your research and knowledge. To submit abstracts/papers for presentation or participate as an audience member, please visit the conference website for more details. All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted manuscripts will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support. Please join us in Bangkok, Thailand for the great academic events. BITE will be held together with the other two conferences. These two conferences are IC