Sunday, January 21, 2018

What type of skills are needed to manage a global firm?

We can't argue that business is becoming more global and interconnected but we can argue about what type of experiences are needed to effectively manage a global firm. There is experience and their is personality. In many cases, our personality will determine what type of experience we have. Global managers will have the ability to integrate new knowledge to understand things like culture while still being able to distribute products along a complex supply chain.

Personality: The first skill needed to success is one's personality. If you are not open to experience, can't empathize with other's culture, and are not willing to learn constantly you are not going to be an effective global manager.

Technology Oriented: Global managers will need to utilize and feel comfortable with emerging technologies they can apply to their business to track and manage global activities.

Scientific Thinking: The ability to investigate and understand problems from a micro and macro level will be important in creating competitive advantages.

Systems Thinking: Swoop above your business and you can see all of the working parts much like an Eagle Eye. The ability to see the entire picture from a systematic point of view is important.

Social and Emotional Intelligence: One will need to interact with people from various parts of the world. They should have the skill to understand how they feel and use the most appropriate methods of "connecting" with others.

Justice and Ethics: If you are going to be a global manager you will need to be trusted by people, employees, and governments. It will make a big difference in leading others, making contracts, and obtaining approvals. There will need to be a focus on one's global ethical system that most cultures agree with.

Experience: Of course there is always experience. Its hard to be global if you are not familiar with global companies and seen how things work on the "ground".

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