Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Good and Bad of the "Gig Economy"

The Gig economy offers lots of great opportunities for those who want to pick up some extra work but may not be so great for those who are seeking full-time employment. It is a process of limiting benefits and costs to employers but unfortunately comes at a price whereby job seekers will have a harder time staying fully employed.

During the past recession people had 2-3 part time jobs to maintain full-employment. Not everyone had medical benefits so the concepts of Obamacare was developed. The gig economy was born out of the need to have flexible business costs that can add staff when needed and not renew contracts when they are not needed.

For those who are employed full-time the gig economy can allow them to pick up some extra cash and income. Yet they already have their medical benefits and retirement in works. F'or them it is a bonus to get some extra work.

The other problem is that people are not able to have rights within the workplace. A false complaint and you might not get another contract. Very little recourse in the process. While "at will" employment also touts this issue it can be a little more risky to fire an employee that has otherwise done a great job.

Depending on who you are you will like or hate the gig economy. If you are highly skilled and educated it will work in your favor. If you are lacking skills and need consistent employment you are not going to find much of it out there beyond odd jobs. The gig economy could contribute to the income gap.

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