Sunday, January 21, 2018

Missing My American Coffee

It was just a little while ago that I could grab a cup of coffee and walk around. No so true in Italy. They have their own micro version of coffee but so far I have not found a "to go" disposable cup. This is great if you plan on sitting down in the cafe for a minute and relaxing not so great if you want to take your coffee with you.

I suspect this is one of the differences in European culture versus American culture. We like to take our stuff with us and run from one activity to the next while Europeans seem to like to relax. You can see this in the differences of hours worked and the amount of time we spend running.

There seems to be two different types of Americans. One type that is trying to climb the income ladder and crams to get as much stuff done as possible. Thee is also the other type that seems to watch an awful lot of tv. Relaxers and racers seem appropriate here.

In Europe I suspect there is more of a cultural outlook to relax and sit for a minute. Sip your small coffee and watch the people in the street walk past or chat with friends. Certainly not a bad idea but can be more difficult if you have things to do. There seems to be a lot of McCafe around to save the day as an American icon.

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