Friday, January 5, 2018

Let's Talk? The Way We Lead

The way we communicate and connect with others makes a big difference in our ability to lead others to higher levels of performance to achieve important goals. Our personal communication style makes the difference between leaders and non leaders in any large community. Some will be able to tone their communication skills to connect with individuals while others are better at connecting with larger groups of people. How people perceive and understand what you are attempting to discuss makes a big difference. A few traits of leadership communication are presented below:

1.) Able to project their thoughts with clarity by using easy to understand language and easy to follow sentence structure.

2.) Are to the point and are concise.

3.) Know the culture of their target market and put words within that cultural context.

4.) Show strength in their body language, tone, and words.

5.) Communicates in a way in which people trust the message and the person.

6.) Can use different medians and can resonate among different target markets.

7.) Has a long term vision and can sell that vision to others.

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