Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Crisp Clean Super Moons in the Wilderness

Super moons are not something common but when they do occur they can be beautiful. I was out hunting near and on my drive home I passed the old KI Sawyer Air force Base. As I rounded the turn I noticed a great big moon that cast a nice light over the woods. While it was -1 degrees Fahrenheit out and my phone would get sluggish in just a few seconds of exposure I was able to snap at least one shot.

Such natural phenomenon add to the beauty and lifestyle that is attractive for a more natural lifestyle outside of a city. As the economy changes more people will be drawn to large cities and likely not see many of these natural beauties. There will be a large, yet smaller, demographic people that will use their education and work arrangements to life outside the city and comet to places like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where a growing eco-tourist industry is growing. 

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