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Europe's Economy is Improving. Why?

2017 was the European Union's best since 2007 with a 2.5% growth rate. While news is good for the EU it does indicate an increasing confidence in the EU's political sustainability and economic prospects in general. It also shows that some of their debt crisis has passed and they are not free to focus on other agendas. The three main factors why this growth is occurring is below: 1.) Debt Crisis Handled : The debt crisis where Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Cyprus needed a bail out have been dealt with. While they will continue to be a drag on the EU economy they have a plan going forward and the immediate crisis is over. 2.) Global Trend of Growth: Global markets are changing, technology is innovating, and communication is connecting to create greater value for consumers. Demand is rising and people are buying more items. EU fits within a general global upward swing the same as the U.S., India and China. 3.) Global Adjustments : Major global adjustments such as ISIS and

New Book Discusses the Misleading Economic Numbers that Don't Include Pollution

The new book  The Growth Delusion: Wealth, Poverty, and the Well-Being of Nations  by David Piling indicates that we may be calculating the wrong thing in determining overall growth of our economy. The premise is that we are not calculating the costs of pollution. His ideas seem to make sense considering these are lost costs that eventually will come out of economic output.  Local pollution is a cost while global pollution impacts overall economic output over all economies. This is a cost that according to the book isn't well calculated.  These numbers are just numbers. They are samples and indicators but the real economy is often very different. The real economy is based on human behavior and costs and rewards of opportunities. In this case, we are taking advantage of today and not worrying about the higher cost of pollution tomorrow.  That doesn't mean we can do much about it but as those costs rise there will likely be innovative ways of reducing pollution and managing

The 5G Economy

There are new ideas around that the U.S. should engage in a possible 5G nationalized network that is either built by companies or the government itself. While experts have brought forward the idea that companies building this network doesn't protect the economy from foreign hackers. However, there are other considerations why this may be the best long-term approach. The first is culture. There is a general push back against nationalized anything. We just don't like such powerful institutions being in the hands of government. All of the countries, and much of the worlds, data in one place may not sit well. Having companies manage this network makes more sense from a historical and economic background. There are some issues of security but there are abilities to regulate the security of this industry by using the largest carriers of the networks to run this system (i.e. shared governance or other industry mechanism) according to government rules/regulations. Smaller industrie

Is the economy offering the right kind of jobs?

Economic growth and jobs are all good news right now. Any continued improvement in a bull economy is welcome. The numbers may not be telling the whole story and greater care should be given to long-term employment opportunities that help slow income gaps. Those with significant education and technology skills are making more but most other people are not. Its a big problem for future sustainability if income distribution isn't fixed. While jobs are great, higher wages depend on the fundamentals of economic structures. Manufacturing and technical industries have to be lured back into the country. That is a very complex problem. I think that tax reform is a good step but there is more we can do. We can improve our data infrastructure and rethink government's hand in developing viable and self sustaining industry clusters. Government and business should be partners in coordinating their marketing and development for maximum economic growth.

Visiting the History and Grandeur of the Vatican

The history and majestic grandeur of the Vatican is amazing. Once the seat of the European world it has amassed a fortune of artifacts and statues that range back to some of the earliest known times. A virtual 128 acre museum itself people of all faiths come to see its wonderment for themselves. It s definitely worth taking the tour and learning about each of the pieces. For example, Michelangelo was a 30+ years old before he picked up a paint brush and in his 60's before he started work on the Sistine Chapel. Your also not allowed to take pictures of it as as the copyright was part of the funding agreement by Nippon Television Network in Japan to restore the chapel.

What are "We" Americans Worried About in 2018?

There are lots of things to worry about but from a national standpoint there are some that seem to make the top list of Americans. It should be remembered that our national leadership and often the news frames what is important to us as Americans. I suspect the same process happens in every country and culture. According to the Pew's Research Centers poll of 1500 respondents the top ten things we are concerned about are.... 1. Terrorism 2. Education 3. Economy 4. Healthcare costs 5. Social Security 6. Environment 7. Jobs 8. Poor 9. Crime 10. Race Relations If you notice a lot of these things have been discussed in the news as a national dialogue. If I had my pick I would say that the long term sustainability of jobs, education designed for a modern world, and healthcare costs would be the top three. These have some of the biggest impacts on people's day-to-day lives.

New Mexico Invests in Entrepreneurs to Spark its Economy

Entrepreneurs create new opportunities but the process of moving from an idea to an actual successful business. It can be difficult for investors to put their resources into a company that hasn't yet moved to the point where they can make reasonable risk assessment and has a solid chance at success. States like New Mexico are trying new things but should not neglect the fundamentals of economic growth. Personally, I love innovation centers and they can be hugely helpful for budding business people. We just are not sure what the relationship versus cost and benefit is. There should be more done than to simply build these innovative warehouses. The state is cheap and it is cost effective to start a business there. Entrepreneurship is a mindset so failed ventures will often be followed up with another try. It is important to recruit the talent and keep things cost effective for them. Regulation can be a killer. Making sure that regulation supports small business and start-ups wi

Should we have a Strong or Weak Dollar?

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin recently stated the advantages of a weak dollar and this in turn caused the need for some damage control from President Trump that stated the U.S. policy is to have a stronger dollar. The problem is that there are advantages and disadvantages to a strong and weak dollar. Strong Dollar Issues: -More purchasing power internationally. -Foreign products are cheaper. -Supplies are cheaper. -Foreign labor is cheaper. -More international strength. -Investment often moves overseas to cheaper alternatives. -American products are expensive. Weak Dollar Issues: -American labor is cheaper. -Additional investment in local markets. -Improved manufacturing by American companies. -American products are cheaper. -Less purchasing power and less influence. -Less purchases of foreign products. Each as their own advantages or disadvantages. In the long run, a slightly deflated dollar by say 15% can make American businesses more competitive. But this can't b

How Poorly Designed Application Forms Can Damage Your Business

Filling out online job applications can be a job in and of itself. During the selection process it is believed that longer forms weed out the motivated candidates from those that are not that interested. This is a fallacy of thinking that can have big impact on the type of candidates your company receives. We seem to gravitate in our processes toward complexity. It helps us feel like we justified our position but it doesn't work well. Just like you wouldn't make purchasing a product difficult for your customer you don't want to make it difficult for candidates to apply. These forms can be complex and sometimes don't work right. A single answer that doesn't fit within the specific criteria outlined by the data field and the entire application cannot be submitted. After a half hour of searching the candidate might give up. Therein lies the problem. Bigger and longer is not better here. To ensure that all candidates have an opportunity to apply it is important

Breckenridge's Charm as a Skiing Destnation

If you love the outdoors and the mountains then you will like Breckenridge. A place where people who love to climb the mountains, hike, and ski go to get away from their busy lives. Beyond having world class ski hills in the area you will find the lodging to be quaint and satisfying. Walking around the village there will be plenty of opportunities to shop and eat. It looks much like a European village lined within a few blocks. Not much parking but the overall atmosphere is very clean and inviting. People are friendly and the food is good. A touch on the pricey side but you will enjoy yourselves anyway.

Convenience and Price are Two Major Sellers Online

Online shoppers are fickle by nature. They want the cheapest price at the highest convenience. Sites like Amazon, Ali Baba and EBay thrive cecause they meet these two criteria. We are price sensitive people. In most cases online shoppers will skip over a higher quality product for a cheaper one. Their goal is to extend their purchasing power with cheeper products. Those that offer the cheapest price in these ecommerce sites often win and are even encouraged by Amazon. More purchases mean more revenue for the vendor and the online shopping marketplace. Convenience is fostered by making purchases easy and ensuring the product is delivered in a timely manner. Without this convenience people will often just drive down to the local store and not have to wait. If your an online retailer you can always consider improving delivery times and using a low cost pricing strategy that is just a few cents lower than the competition. This doesn't address the unfortunate evils of "ra

The Good and Bad of the "Gig Economy"

The Gig economy offers lots of great opportunities for those who want to pick up some extra work but may not be so great for those who are seeking full-time employment. It is a process of limiting benefits and costs to employers but unfortunately comes at a price whereby job seekers will have a harder time staying fully employed. During the past recession people had 2-3 part time jobs to maintain full-employment. Not everyone had medical benefits so the concepts of Obamacare was developed. The gig economy was born out of the need to have flexible business costs that can add staff when needed and not renew contracts when they are not needed. For those who are employed full-time the gig economy can allow them to pick up some extra cash and income. Yet they already have their medical benefits and retirement in works. F'or them it is a bonus to get some extra work. The other problem is that people are not able to have rights within the workplace. A false complaint and you might n

The Problem With GE is that Its Too Big to Manage

Large organizations have economies of scale that make them efficient in their purchasing power and transactions. However, when those internal transactions become more difficult to manage, or expensive, the company begins to lose its competitive edge. Being too large may be GE's biggest problem and they may not be able to untangle. The problem with GE is that it got really big and all of the different components such as aircraft divisions and electricity are so intertwined it may not be possible to break them apart. Why would breaking them apart be helpful? Typically there is a healthy spot in size where efficiency is possible but not so large that it begins to look more like a bureaucratic institution. As size increases beyond the helpful size it becomes more expensive to run. There are inefficiencies in management decision-making, large costs in facilities, lack of innovation, and general slow down in capacities. This makes them ripe for either a major shack-up and revamp, b

Why Did Budweiser take Such a Beating? Changes in Trends

Budweiser took a beating but they were not the only one's. Miller Lite and Coors Lite also declined in total shares. The only difference is that Budweiser switched to the number three spot as the industry takes a downturn. There may be some market trends going on here.  -While these industries think of their beer as premium they are now seen as somewhat generic compared to craft beer. Americans are changing their tastes and moving to wine and craft beer. The new generation will likely keep this trend going. -There is a movement toward the boutique. This is something large businesses might have some difficulty overcoming.  -Trends toward healthy and organic. To be honest these mainstream beers are low in calories and probably healthier for you than many craft beers. They may be able to tout this to their benefit.  -Old Brands. These brands are getting old and loosing their flair. They have lost their specialty flavor that was once associated with European traditions, draft ho

When Is it Beneficial to Give the Students the Answers and When is it Helpful to Let Them Search the Answer?

In my college life I have had many different types of professors with lots of different types of personalities. There seem to be some that give you all the answers and some that give you almost nothing to work off of. Laziness or over diligence it all depends on how you look at it because it can sometimes be helpful either way. Giving too many answers limits the ability of students to solve their own problems. Those students that want to learn will naturally seek out answers and try and raise their grades. Those that don't want to learn won't take the extra step to find something new out. Here is the problem. In any particular class you are likely to have lots of different types of students. Some that want to learn and will do it in any environment and those that don't want to learn. For the latter, you will need to drag them through the educational process but this isn't necessarily the professor's issue. Putting comments in the papers and pointing out areas

RDC 2018: 4th Annual Rural Development Conference

Call for papers: RDC 2018: 4th Annual Rural Development Conference 19th - 21st of July 2018 Bangkok, Thailand Enquiries: Website: Organized by: Tomorrow People Organization Tomorrow People Organization is pleased to invite you to our 4th Annual Rural Development Conference, one of a kind international academic conference, offering the unique learning and networking platform, gathering leading experts from academic, corporate, NGO and governmental realms, coming from over 40 countries worldwide. RDC 2018 will address various topics related to rural development: from agriculture to infrastructure, vocational education, nature conservation, sustainable tourism and others. Being fully aware of just how the comprehensive understanding of this matter is important for successful and continuous development of every individual, organization and society as a whole, we have designed an event that will address the issues that we all have to face

Pictures of Castel Sant'Angelo

Also known as Castle of Angels was commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and eventually used by Popes to garrison troops. As a tourist location it is well managed with easy access and improved walkways. You will notice the thickness of the walls and how it was designed more for medieval fighting and cannon ball versus the modern era of combat.  These castles were purposely built on rivers and ports to protect commercial activity. While we believe they were often focused on people it was the commercial activity of the people that seem to be the main interest. Of course, there was also the need to control the population and ensure maintenance of one's power and position.

High Growth of 3% Expected in the US over 2018

According to the IMF we should have significant growth around the 3% range for 2018. A pretty good haul consid ering we haven't done that well in quite some time over a sustained period. In their quarterly World Economic Outlook they indicated that much of this is due to the corporate tax rate being cut from 35 to 21 percent.  There are a few things we can expect from such growth.  -Inflation will rise a little as growth often equals more return on investment and additional cash in the system.  -Employment will likely improve. While we are working at a solid employment rate now we can expect a little tighter labor market.  -New training to meet new jobs will likely increase. As the labor market gets tight and new jobs open up people will need additional training.  While much of this growth is experienced world round and the tax credit is not the immediate direct cause we can expect it to make some influence. With returning investment back to the U.S. the trend of growth

Is Diligence and "Grit" the Key Factor for Success

The key difference between those who eventually succeed and those who don't is diligence. Of course there are lots of other personality traits, financial position, education, etc... but it is diligence and "grit" that determine the overall results. Most of us can achieve our goals if we just stay on task and keep "punching the bag" until we get the results we want. It is easy to give up on stuff. No commitment and lack of effort means you didn't fail. Unfortunately, you also never really tried. Without consistent effort you won't accomplish your goals. There are differences between those who give up and those who keep going. While the manly swagger is a sign of macho that doesn't mean such individuals have true self-esteem and self-efficacy. Putting on a "show" is very different than obtaining results day in and day out even when you don't feel like it at certain times. We are not likely to succeed the first time we try something.

What type of skills are needed to manage a global firm?

We can't argue that business is becoming more global and interconnected but we can argue about what type of experiences are needed to effectively manage a global firm. There is experience and their is personality. In many cases, our personality will determine what type of experience we have. Global managers will have the ability to integrate new knowledge to understand things like culture while still being able to distribute products along a complex supply chain. Personality: The first skill needed to success is one's personality. If you are not open to experience, can't empathize with other's culture, and are not willing to learn constantly you are not going to be an effective global manager. Technology Oriented: Global managers will need to utilize and feel comfortable with emerging technologies they can apply to their business to track and manage global activities. Scientific Thinking: The ability to investigate and understand problems from a micro and macro

The Simplicity of Business and Its Complexity-Buy Low and Sell High

Business is about buying low and selling high. That seems straight forward enough but it really isn't when you start a business. Many small businesses go out of business relatively quickly because they are not able to master this problem. Actually, a lot of large businesses also close their doors when this issue arises. What is the problem? There are suppliers who give the best deals to those who purchase a lot. Unless you are a major company you are going to suffer from a lack of economies of scale. You will be buying from someone else who has purchased a large amount and then broke it apart. The price typically moves up as each supplier adds their profit margin. Can this be solved? It is important for businesses to continually think about their suppliers. Sometimes they negotiate other prices, they may need to look for cheaper alternatives overseas, and a few others get really unique and find whole new ways of doing business. Is it always wise to sell what others are

Missing My American Coffee

It was just a little while ago that I could grab a cup of coffee and walk around. No so true in Italy. They have their own micro version of coffee but so far I have not found a "to go" disposable cup. This is great if you plan on sitting down in the cafe for a minute and relaxing not so great if you want to take your coffee with you. I suspect this is one of the differences in European culture versus American culture. We like to take our stuff with us and run from one activity to the next while Europeans seem to like to relax. You can see this in the differences of hours worked and the amount of time we spend running. There seems to be two different types of Americans. One type that is trying to climb the income ladder and crams to get as much stuff done as possible. Thee is also the other type that seems to watch an awful lot of tv. Relaxers and racers seem appropriate here. In Europe I suspect there is more of a cultural outlook to relax and sit for a minute. Sip yo

Tips for Time Management

Time is a continuous stream of activity. In the way we measure time it is limited, finite, and in the modern world almost always in short supply. Time management can help us gain a better grasp on our activities. While part of it actually has to do with time the other part is more goal oriented. It is important work think about what activities actually enhance your life and what activities should be removed or have served their purpose already. Focusing on What is Important: We clutter our lives with all types of different activities and things that are unimportant in the long run. We are not talking about spending time with family, working out, and down time but we are talking about other activities like unneeded activities that can be adjusted or responsibilities switched to other parties. Let us say that you spend a considerable amount of time cleaning your house and you have a high income. If it is something that is really limiting your options you might want to consider ou

Economic Theory in the News-Thought Provoking Articles

To me thought provoking articles and in-depth analysis rank higher on my interest scale than watching tv. Sometimes you come across thought provoking articles that are worth reading among the stream of day-to-day chatter that is often seen online. While I don't necessarily agree with all the conclusions I certainly think the analysis was well thought out. What these early-20th-century scholars got right about 21st-century politics

Call for Papers IJCRR

IJCRR is indexed and abstracted in  Chemical Abstracts, Index Copernicus, DOAJ, Open J-Gate, Newjour, Science Central and Google Scholar. Every article published in IJCRR is provided with unique  DOI  and provides rapid publication of articles in all subjects. International Journal of Contemporary Research and Review ISSN: 0976-4852 ICV 2016: 77.93 DOI: 10.15520/ijcrr Volume number: 9 Impact Factor: 2.60 Frequency: 12 issues per year For online manuscript Submission submit your paper on Visit our website: With Best Regards IJCRR JOURNAL Mob- 7987146262

2018 International Conference on Business and Information

2018 International Conference on Business and Information 6th to 8th July 2018 Seoul, Korea Dear Colleague, The 2018 International Conference on Business and Information (BAI 2018) is to be held in Seoul, Korea, on July 6-8, 2018. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform which focuses on certain important topics of business and information. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the official website. We sincerely invite your participation for this event. Submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference. Conference Website: Enquiries:

Pheasant Hunting Tips from a Seasoned Guide!

Few things are as joyful when compared to spending time in nature and enjoying a good hunt. While passing through Colorado I came across a nice guided hunt about an hour south of Denver. Let me just say that while the hunt was not cheap at $225 I will say that it offered a pretty good lesson in pheasant hunting by guides that have been chasing these birds for decades. Of course I didn't pass up the opportunity to tap the brain of the guide and get a few tips. 1.) Look for a solid food source and cover. Places that were recently farm fields with corn and alfalfa seem to attract the birds. They can find food and a place to hide. 2.) Bird dogs help immensely in flushing them out without nearly stepping on them. While you certainly can hunt without dogs you will be doing a lot of walking because you need to almost step on them to scare them out. Trust can't see them until they move. 3.) Pheasant don't fly very far so you can create rounding circles that he

Can Michigan Borrow From Wisconsin and Reduce Student Loan Debt While Improving the Economy?

Student loan debt is a serious concern for both the Federal and State governments as it limits the amount of money in consumer pockets and is now showing that it is slowing economic growth potential in one of the largest young populations in history. There has been discussion on tacking the 1.48 trillion dollars in 2018 of student debt by wiping it out. We can see an example in Wisconsin that leads us to consider potential solutions for Michigan and other states when it comes to lowering student burden and bringing skilled workers to small declining towns. Wisconsin reimburses up to 40% to a maximum of $25,000 for living in up to 72 counties. This helps move people to such rural areas in a way that helps declining farm towns and rebuild local economies. There are other ways in which Michigan and the country can use student loans to help create higher levels of economic growth as well as reduce the overall debt without "wiping out" loans. The goal is to maximize the overal

Let's Talk? The Way We Lead

The way we communicate and connect with others makes a big difference in our ability to lead others to higher levels of performance to achieve important goals. Our personal communication style makes the difference between leaders and non leaders in any large community. Some will be able to tone their communication skills to connect with individuals while others are better at connecting with larger groups of people. How people perceive and understand what you are attempting to discuss makes a big difference. A few traits of leadership communication are presented below: 1.) Able to project their thoughts with clarity by using easy to understand language and easy to follow sentence structure. 2.) Are to the point and are concise. 3.) Know the culture of their target market and put words within that cultural context. 4.) Show strength in their body language, tone, and words. 5.) Communicates in a way in which people trust the message and the person. 6.) Can use different median

A Data Driven World-Advantages and Disadvantages

We live in a data driven world and it will become more complex over time as large companies move from one market to the other one. As they connect with their customers, and more people move online, there will be lots of opportunities to collect this information. There are advantages and disadvantages to living in a data driven world. Advantages: As our worlds become connected across countries and continents we become more familiar with each other. Typically, differences will not seem so different and people will begin to understand and sympathize with others. Information passing from one place to the next leads to greater innovation. The world is inventing and using new products at a pace not ever seen in history. Companies can better target their customers by understanding them and their needs. They are more connected and can send and receive information accordingly. Prices drop as companies must compete against each other. When searching online on sites like Amazon or Alibaba

The 8th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences

The 8th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences 26th to 27th March 2018 Washington DC, United States of America The Research Association for Interdisciplinary Studies is pleased to invite you to attend the 8th International RAIS Conference on Social Sciences, which will be held at the Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center - 3800 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington, DC, 20057 , on March 26-27, 2018. The Research Association for Interdisciplinary Studies (RAIS) creates an ample research platform for academics and researchers from all around the world and offers them the opportunity to create lasting relations for future collaborations. RAIS encourages academics and researchers to share their experiences and to contribute to the developing of diverse subjects, offering them the perspective of an interdisciplinary approach. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: • Politics and International Relations • Law, Jurisprudence • Economics, Management an

Addressing Global Skill Gaps Through Higher Education

The world will experience significant skill shortfalls in the future as companies struggle with hiring and training new talent. The burden will rest more heavily on government and higher education to meet these skills in a way that leads to greater growth, income, and innovation in the marketplace. According to a survey conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value, in cooperation with Oxford Economics, responses from 5,600 global executives representing 18 industries and 48 countries found the following: -60% of executives have difficulties keeping workforce skills current with changing technologies.  -55% believe that the current educational system foster lifelong learning and skill attainment.  -55% believe their is inadequate investment from private industry to develop skills.  -80% believe government should be responsible for skill development.  -55% believe that higher education updates curricula enough to keep pace with industry changes. The study suggests that

Quality Snowshoes will Make the Difference in Your Outdoor Experience

Quality snowshoes will make the difference with your next trek out into the wilderness. In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan we have blistering cold, deep snow, and tens of thousands of acres of untouched forest that includes streams, lakes, coastline, and wildlife. A few things you may want to look at for picking your snowshoes will be helpful. There are obvious differences between wood and aluminum. The wood ones are heavy, long, and hard to turn around in. They are made of leather while the newer ones are lighter, more mobile, and typically come with better bindings. If you are looking for a newer style think about the following: 1. Weight: Lighter snowshoes are generally better if they are easy to lift in the snow. 2. Durability: You will want to check all the parts and market sure it is of quality construction. 3. Bindings: Make sure the bindings are easy to use or quick release. They should fit a large range of different size boots. 4. Grip Teeth: Make sure the &q

2018 May be the Year of Inflation and Employment Opportunities

What happens when there are supply shortages and businesses run at maximum capacity? When the economy is zooming ahead quickly and supply shortages occur the cost of products increases and so does inflation. As inflation increases the overall value of a dollar declines and people have less disposable income to spend on discretionary products while spending more for basic household items because they have to conserve on their dwindling earning power. According to JP Morgan Chase & Co.'s PMI report global growth will be around 4 percent. This means more people are buying products and people will need to manufacture more to fulfill growing consumer demand. This can lead to higher wages and additional hiring. We don't have a large unemployed population so whatever cushion within the system is likely to be sucked up quickly. After that slack is gone wages begin to increase. Some will benefit over others. People highly skilled, or with specific training, will find their ski

The Basic Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is must like yoga in offering fitness, mental, and health benefits. It also has the bonus of teaching one basic self-defense classes. While I like kempo and kick boxing I often find myself gravitating toward Tai Chi as a good "glue" that gaps yoga and self-defense. Here is a video on basic Tai Chi tactics. You can see people practicing this at parks and gyms in California and much of the rest of the country.

Crisp Clean Super Moons in the Wilderness

Super moons are not something common but when they do occur they can be beautiful. I was out hunting near and on my drive home I passed the old KI Sawyer Air force Base. As I rounded the turn I noticed a great big moon that cast a nice light over the woods. While it was -1 degrees Fahrenheit out and my phone would get sluggish in just a few seconds of exposure I was able to snap at least one shot. Such natural phenomenon add to the beauty and lifestyle that is attractive for a more natural lifestyle outside of a city. As the economy changes more people will be drawn to large cities and likely not see many of these natural beauties. There will be a large, yet smaller, demographic people that will use their education and work arrangements to life outside the city and comet to places like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where a growing eco-tourist industry is growing. 

Six Measures of Economic Branding

National brand is an essential component of competing within the global market places. The "made in" image creates a stereotype between consumers and business that creates a picture of the products and its value to consumers on the global market (Ali & Rehman, 2015). This image is created from multiple aspects of the economy that include a variety of different aspects that reflect the local environment. Countries are engaging more and more in branding opportunities because it can often draw additional investment that leads to economic growth (Anhold & Simon, 2003). As the world moves into an integrated global market stakeholders must think more about collaboration and working together to measure performance using macro-data and putting together better brands. It is possible to use six dimensions of the local economy in measuring the quality of a brand image (Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index, 2017). -Exports: Products and services that allow consumers to buy o