Friday, November 17, 2017

Why I'm a Lover of Costco?

I'm a Costco member and I can say that while my family size has changed and adjusted I stayed a member. There have been varying times when I purchased more products or less but at the end of the day I continue to frequent their stores. There are three things I love about Costco.

1.) Confidence in Quality and Returns: Costco ensures that products are of high quality before they are sold. If at any point the product is worn out they will return it with no questions asked. This raises my trust of the organization.

2.) Customer Service: Costco provides above average customer service. Almost all of my visits were positive. The one poor interaction was based on an individual employee that was not having a good day.

3.) Trendy: Most of their products are very trendy. The brands are solid and they are in style. They may not be in style for someone 18 years old but they are great for people in their 30-50s.

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