Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why I Support University Research?

University research not only increases the overall contribution to society but also raises curriculum quality and quality perception of the institution. Higher education is partly about helping students reach new levels of knowledge but also to help society develop their knowledge as well. More universities that engage in research have a loose correlation to the overall economic performance of the country. As new patents and inventions are created between the research conducted at universities and businesses, new forms of innovative development occur.

New Levels of Knowledge:

New research makes its way into curriculum and improves upon the types of information students are exposed too. Likewise, it furthers intellectual curiosity and scientific knowledge.

Quality Perceptions of the University:

Research oriented universities typically have some of the highest ranks in education. While this doesn't necessarily equate directly to teach it does attract high quality professors and performing students.

Contribution to Societal Innovation:

Societal innovation occurs when businesses and universities work together to create new forms of knowledge. Research contributes to the economic and quality of life outputs of the nation.

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