Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Intolerance of Tolerance-Respectful Civic Debate on Campuses

Our opinions are important and we feel we are "right" with all of the conviction in the world. Lately, we have been blasted with high political and personal intolerance of others opinions. Whether we are discussing morality, religion, politics, or even social demographics a growing sense of "shout them down" radicalism has taken center stage.

If you read the news on a regular basis you will find people grabbing things off of a speakers podium, assaulting others, shouting down, heckling and creating a general nuisance.  The problem has become so pervasive that campuses often have to hire additional security and call police backup for controversial issues.

What does all this say?

It says that we are becoming intolerant of differences of opinion and we are allow our more immature side take over. We are digressing from an open society that seeks knowledge to a closed one that desires conformity to various delusional beliefs.

What is the risk in this?

The risk is that good ideas (or even bad ones) are not being shared and discussed. Those who have some of the best ideas are going to be afraid to bring them forward leaving the loudest and rudest people talking. We don't want our society being run by "the mob".  We are not changing and people are becoming stuck in dogma.

What is the option?

The option is to offer an alternative opportunity for those to discuss their point of review, or debate their ideas, once the scheduled event has ended. People can schedule their own events or offer their own points of view on the topic through different media. However, shouting and screaming don't seem to be beneficial anymore. In some cases it may be beneficial to remove people who are disturbing the peace.

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