Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Frustration and Feelings of Accomplishment that Come from Working on Your Own Stuff

Working on your own equipment, houses, boats, cars, etc... can be a great joy but sometimes comes with lots of frustration. It is this frustration that pushes you to master the challenge if you work your way through it. I am not a rich person so it is wise to work on my own stuff as long as I do things the right way and ensure it is safe and sound.

Frustration is temporary and usually a sign that the challenge is difficult, frustrating and you lack the knowledge or tools. These things you can change with a little effort. As you seek out solving a series of small problems that lead to the fixing of a larger problem you will gain more confidence in your skills.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then you will really need to learn how to work on your own stuff. Things go wrong when your out in the middle of no where and if you don't have any skills at all you may be up deep creek if your ATV won't start.

1.) Understand that is is a learning process.

2.) Ask a million questions and look online for information.

3.) Ensure that you have the right tools

4.) Try and break a large task down to little tasks for focus and management.

5.) Don't be afraid to call an expert and have them finish the job if you are confused.

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