Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sailing the Classics-1920 Herreshoff Wooden Catch Boat

Last week I sailed a classic 1920 Herreshoff Wooden Catch Boat that was custom built out of Japan for a wealthy family. The boat has been restored and worked on by an individual that has experience as an airplane mechanical engineer. As a cruiser this is a lounge boat used for taking out with friends and family. 

The boat is a cruiser and easy to manage. Just about everything is manual and doesn't need a crank or any special items or equipment. For those with limited sailing experience it is perfect versus some of the "tupperware" boats made of modern equipment and complex designs. 

Because almost anything can go wrong the use of a simple boat is sometimes better. 

The owner took the boat to Hawaii and back which was about 30 days either way. The boat had minimal problems. I would not be as sure about some of the more complex boats because when something goes wrong it often can't be fixed at sea. 

It was a 6 hour sail but it was nice and leisurely. Not a lot of adjusting sails or playing around. Just point and set. A few adjustments over time but definitely easy enough to handle as a single sailor. The classic design is romantic and functional. 

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