Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Managing People Through Personal Development Advocacy

Managers may control the workflow but they also have a serious impact on the lives of their employees. Pushing for outcomes is important but so is improvement in the master of new skills that make such performance easier. Managing people through personal development is part advocacy and part good business. As your employees improve so does your bottom line. 

Reasons why you should support personal development advocacy in your management techniques:

-Empowering employees to achieve greater performance with less stress. 

-Grooming the ability to make better decisions at a lower level within the organization. 

-Job satisfaction and personal connection to the business. 

-Lower turn over costs as employees find personal meaning in the work they do. 

-Raising talent for the rest of the industry that enhances clusters of businesses.

-Managers feeling of purpose and advocacy.

-Helping the economy through higher developed employees.

-As skills rise companies can gain additional revenue streams. 

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