Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving-What it Once Was Like

Today's Thanksgiving only represents the original meal between the Native Americans and European settlers in the remotest sense of the term. In the earliest formations of the nation life around 1621 was very simple andharsh. People starved to death and died from diseases. The natives could be friendly or they could be hostile. In this case, the kindness of the natives led to the present day meal we call Thanksgiving. Without the natives generosity there would have been further death and starvation. This type of feast was celebrated with the Spanish, English, and French at various times during the years. The stories are slightly different but the theme is relatively the same. In some cases people died to a point where more than 80% of the population perished. Some colonies resorted to eating their own dead. New supplies and trade with Natives made a huge difference in longevity. Feasts like this were a thankfulness to God and new connections. Sometimes I think we are removed from our history. We like to create beautiful little stories about Columbus and others who discovered the new world. These stories create a national identity around shared principles. Unfortunately, not all of the stories are accurate. Understanding how we started and the lives we lived makes a difference.

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