Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Creative Art and Expression in Science-Stem and Stream

Art and sciences are two facets of understand the world in which we live. I would like to call this Stem and Stream. Stem offers us the opportunity to think about science from a methodological viewpoint while Stream is more of an unconscious process. Recently, I engaged in a free art class at one of the local dining establishments as both enjoyment and a "Stream" process.

Of course there is nothing like a glass of wine to get the creative juices flowing.

While I cannot say that I am much of an artists, or ever will be, I can say that the process of art does help me think more scientifically. In this case such classes offer an opportunity to socialize in a non-stressful environment that allows you to see new forms in images and people.

In this case, it was a live model that held poses for about 5 minutes for a few hours. You don't get an opportunity to go into specific detail but just enough time to outline and put in a few features.

An important benefit of attending these events is that science is nothing without creativity. Drawing, painting, and other forms of artistic endeavors leads to greater scientific discovery. If you looked into the smallest and smallest components you would still discover nothing without the creative ability to think about things in a new and interesting way.

Isn't that the point of art? Art is a process of creativity which is one of the highest forms of expression according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs but also a fundamentally important part of being a scientific thinker.

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