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Why I Support University Research?

University research not only increases the overall contribution to society but also raises curriculum quality and quality perception of the institution. Higher education is partly about helping students reach new levels of knowledge but also to help society develop their knowledge as well. More universities that engage in research have a loose correlation to the overall economic performance of the country. As new patents and inventions are created between the research conducted at universities and businesses, new forms of innovative development occur. New Levels of Knowledge: New research makes its way into curriculum and improves upon the types of information students are exposed too. Likewise, it furthers intellectual curiosity and scientific knowledge. Quality Perceptions of the University: Research oriented universities typically have some of the highest ranks in education. While this doesn't necessarily equate directly to teach it does attract high quality professors a

Hiking the Mountains in Big Bear California

A weekend skiing trip gone awry when new snow was not present wasn't a total loss as we moved into hiking in the mountains. Big Bear is an outdoors person's play land with multiple hiking trails that can be very challenging. For those who love biking, fishing, and water sports there are plenty of rentals and other activities to engage in. The dining and nightlife also has its small town charm.

Tips on How to Get Your Finance in Order

Time is the best catalyst to getting your finances and investments in order. When you start young you have time to make mistakes and prepare yourself for when you are older and not able to work as well as you once did. A few tips that might help you get your finances in order. 1.) Start as young and early as you can. 2.) Invest in your 401K 3.) Put together a budget and spend less than you make. 4.) Invest in mutual funds. 5.) Check prices before purchase. 6.) Have some cash savings. 7.) Avoid credit cards.

The Essentials of the Economy Relate to Human Exchange

The essential of the economy relates to human to human exchange. Whether this is through information or the use of a monetary system it is important to understand that economies are connected through interaction. Considering that the study of economics is actually the study of human behavior on a macro level one should come to the conclusion that the borders of an economy are where interactions are less. What makes an economy a single entity? It is the speed and volume of interaction that occurs among people. For example, a state is defined as an entity because the people within it share certain behaviors and patterns that lead to an understanding of shared economic interest and governance. How does one improve the economy? By encouraging greater interaction of the fundamental elements-humans. As they share information and exchange monetary value they increase the speed of transactions. More transactions typically also means additional revenue generation which leads to addition

Las Meninas-Photo Bombing a Perspective

Few works of art allow for a deeper perception from a king's point of view other than Las Meninas. Las Meninas, or Ladies in Waiting, was painted in 1656 by Diego Velázquez of Infanta Margaret Theresa and her staff. Margaret was the future Holy Roman Empress and last of the Spanish Habsburgs. The painting was completed from the perspective of King Phillip IV of Spain in the Royal Alcazar of Madrid. What is most important is this picture is that it is one of the first times you can see the world from a king's perspective. He is looking at the room as though he is walking by or checking in on his family. Margaret Theresa is being taken care of by her servants and there appears to be a bustle going on. It "snap shots" the activity for the audience to see. Some have argued that it is the first "photo bomb" in the world. You can see the painter Diego in the painting. He created a picture of himself and immortalized it from the perspective of the king. Prett

4 Principles of Market Analysis

Market analysis helps companies understand the appeal of their core offerings on the market. Without proper analysis companies can be investing too much money into losing propositions. An analysis can help keep a company relevant and moving in the right direction when making strategic decisions. There are a few solid suggestions when conducting a market analysis: 1.: Look for key markers of market sentiment that lead to relevant and valid data. 2.: Out of the data seek to find growing trends where products and services can be adjusted. 3.: Always conduct further analysis of trends to determine the 4 Ps of marketing. 4.: Never adjust to minor changes and stay the course until trend change becomes apparent.

Managing People Through Personal Development Advocacy

Managers may control the workflow but they also have a serious impact on the lives of their employees. Pushing for outcomes is important but so is improvement in the master of new skills that make such performance easier. Managing people through personal development is part advocacy and part good business. As your employees improve so does your bottom line.  Reasons why you should support personal development advocacy in your management techniques: -Empowering employees to achieve greater performance with less stress.  -Grooming the ability to make better decisions at a lower level within the organization.  -Job satisfaction and personal connection to the business.  -Lower turn over costs as employees find personal meaning in the work they do.  -Raising talent for the rest of the industry that enhances clusters of businesses. -Managers feeling of purpose and advocacy. -Helping the economy through higher developed employees. -As skills rise companies c

Can Universities Help Students Learn to Live a Higher Quality Life?

Students are the center of the academic world. We often hope to create graduates that are skillful in their jobs and with any luck contribute to society through economic and personal contributions. As academics we often think it is about teaching students job skills to meet employment requirements and ignore the quality of life issues. Yet this is what makes the biggest differences to society when students live well and maximize their contributions to society. Things that students need to learn range from balancing checkbooks to getting regular exercise. The problem is that many of these things are outside the range of normal education.  Higher education is meant to improve lives and often does as more knowledge is gained. Why not focus on life improvement? College is a transition from old ways of thinking to new ways of thinking. It is about create greater awareness. This awareness should be about one's life, job, and ways of thinking. As higher education increases student'

Will Computers Make an "Useless Class"

I was reading a great article on in Philosophy Now by Lochlan Bloom. The argument is that jobs related to intellectualism and fact checking can be done better by computers and this may put some intellectuals out of jobs. The article was thought provoking and well thought out. It did start me thinking about the necessity of using intellectual capital to advance society. Computers are great at collecting and comparing information. They may not be so great at making new connections. As artificial intelligence rises so does the prospect of "intelligent" thought by machines. New connections might be created and found through the constant analysis of information. However, such computers may not be able to make intuitive leaps of information like gifted scientists and students can. Creative leaps occur when not all of the information is present but the mind subconsciously makes intuitive guesses that are correct. Think of artists and scientists that invent a new paradigm shift

The Intolerance of Tolerance-Respectful Civic Debate on Campuses

Our opinions are important and we feel we are "right" with all of the conviction in the world. Lately, we have been blasted with high political and personal intolerance of others opinions. Whether we are discussing morality, religion, politics, or even social demographics a growing sense of "shout them down" radicalism has taken center stage. If you read the news on a regular basis you will find people grabbing things off of a speakers podium, assaulting others, shouting down, heckling and creating a general nuisance.  The problem has become so pervasive that campuses often have to hire additional security and call police backup for controversial issues. What does all this say? It says that we are becoming intolerant of differences of opinion and we are allow our more immature side take over. We are digressing from an open society that seeks knowledge to a closed one that desires conformity to various delusional beliefs. What is the risk in this? The risk

When Doing Sail Boat Repairs Always Get Multiple Quotes

Creating my "to do" list to prepare my sailboat for long distance travel to South America someday I noticed some corrosion on the shaft and packing bladder. To me they looked old and I definitely didn't want to be out in the ocean and have an issue with it leaking. At present it doesn't leak and operates as expected. The risk is that "looking old" could mean a big problem at a time when it could be dangerous so I need to delve into a solution. I happened to grab a random mechanic off of the docks and ask him a few questions. He graciously came over to my boat, albeit seeking new business, and gave me a few pointers on what I can do to improve my engine. He loved my engine and said this thing will likely never go bad. The Universal engine can be beat with sledge hammers and still work! Beyond replacing filters, clamps, a few old hoses, and general maintenance the engine looked great and didn't really need a mechanic. He charged me nothing for the ad

Are you a saver or a spender?

Are you a saver or spender? Savers and spenders have their own characteristics that make some the creators of wealth and others the spenders of wealth. How you handle money will make a big difference in your long-term financial health. With so few Americans saving for retirement it is important to put yourself on the right track. Savers: -Independent minded. -Good with details. -Like to collect and save. -Driven by the need for security. -Put away a certain percentage of their income. -Often contribute the max to their 401K -Buy used, work on their own projects, and check alternatives. -More concerned with practical use. Spenders: -Socially minded. -Like prestigious products that enhance self-image -Are concerned with luxury items. -Like to enjoy life in the moment. -Generally try and maximize their spending capital. -May not save much for retirement. -Buy new, look for image and status.

Encouraging Students to Achieve More

Students don't come with a heap load of self-esteem and belief in their abilities. If they came from mediocre schools they will even have more problems with their belief that meaningful effort will lead to meaningful outcomes. Professors can help those students by being positive and engaging in encouraging dialogue. Consider a few tips: -Use active language that creates a sense of urgency. -Use encouraging words -Follow up with students and questions. -When assignments are not turned in consider contacting the student. -Use specific feedback -Relate answers to the student.

The Frustration and Feelings of Accomplishment that Come from Working on Your Own Stuff

Working on your own equipment, houses, boats, cars, etc... can be a great joy but sometimes comes with lots of frustration. It is this frustration that pushes you to master the challenge if you work your way through it. I am not a rich person so it is wise to work on my own stuff as long as I do things the right way and ensure it is safe and sound. Frustration is temporary and usually a sign that the challenge is difficult, frustrating and you lack the knowledge or tools. These things you can change with a little effort. As you seek out solving a series of small problems that lead to the fixing of a larger problem you will gain more confidence in your skills. If you are an outdoor enthusiast then you will really need to learn how to work on your own stuff. Things go wrong when your out in the middle of no where and if you don't have any skills at all you may be up deep creek if your ATV won't start. 1.) Understand that is is a learning process. 2.) Ask a million questio

Which is More Important for Companies: Educational Attainment or Thinking Abilities?

Education is often an improvement to our lives and helps enrich our thinking. Yet it should be understood that education and thinking are two different things. Someone could have the right thinking processes that lead to new ideas and discovery while another person with multiple Ph.Ds suffers from chronic limited thinking. Why should companies consider hiring those who have not yet been "indoctrinated" from prestigious backgrounds? Sometimes we assume that the higher education from the most prestigious schools means that they are some how of higher value than others. "Puppy poo" would be a really great way to describe this bias. What it does mean is that they are highly educated, indoctrinated into a previous method of thinking, and came from fairly wealthy families. Not much more or less can be derived from that. Those who "think out of the box" are the one's most valuable to companies. I have seen time and time again companies hire the same exe

The Benefits of Offering Intelligence Courses at Online Universities

The need for Intelligence is growing and online universities can fill that market gap in information. Whether that is governmental intelligence or business intelligence information runs our lives. Making strategic decisions and finding looming threats are always important. In today's world much of the theoretical work could be conducted during online coursework making the integration of key information and analysis for strategic decision making helpful to different programs. Why is intelligence so important?  The answer to that question depends in part on whether you are into government intelligence or business intelligence. Government intelligence helps find "bad guys" and look for looming problems that might impact national security. Likewise, it looks for holes in the defenses of other nations or the strategies these nations might be using that could harm our country. General intelligence processes would apply to other businesses seeking to create advantages in

Happy Thanksgiving-What it Once Was Like

Today's Thanksgiving only represents the original meal between the Native Americans and European settlers in the remotest sense of the term. In the earliest formations of the nation life around 1621 was very simple andharsh. People starved to death and died from diseases. The natives could be friendly or they could be hostile. In this case, the kindness of the natives led to the present day meal we call Thanksgiving. Without the natives generosity there would have been further death and starvation. This type of feast was celebrated with the Spanish, English, and French at various times during the years. The stories are slightly different but the theme is relatively the same. In some cases people died to a point where more than 80% of the population perished. Some colonies resorted to eating their own dead. New supplies and trade with Natives made a huge difference in longevity. Feasts like this were a thankfulness to God and new connections. Sometimes I think we are removed f

Are Young People Not Willing to Engage The Economy?

I was reading Foreign Affairs and came across an article on how the young may not be as likely to engage with the economy as their forefathers did. There is a belief that their efforts will impact their ability to be successful. Modern economics has helped bring some justification to their concerns. According to the article How Should Governments Address Inequality by Melissa Kearney there are a few things the article helps us to consider. -Europe has more growth opportunities than the U.S. Americans may not have the same mobility they once had and are falling behind other countries. Worse! The opportunities may be moving backward where people are stuck in poverty over the next generation. -To consistently run against a brick wall in promotion is frustrating and leads to passive behavior where hard work doesn't lead to tangible outcomes. Those in the lowest incomes find upward mobility almost impossible. The economy will suffer. -Less risk being taken and less businesses star

1 in 10 Americans Don't Enough Fruit and Vegetables- How to Fix the Problem

According to a study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention only 1 in 10 Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables. The recommended dosage is 1.5 to 3 cups a day. Because so many people die from diseases that relate to food intake such as heart diseases, obesity, and cancer it is important for us to work on the problem. There are a few things we can do that can help lessen the problem. 1.) Let people know where their food comes from. We are too far removed from the farm and purchase all of our food in stores. Fruits and vegetables competes with less quality foods. 2.) Make fresh fruits and vegetables more accessible and cheaper. Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive and trying to purchase then, versus other cheaper sources of foods, can be time and cost consuming. 3.) Mix more fruit and vegetables in our easy to prepare foods. We Americans are lazy and if we want them to eat more healthy stuff then you are going to need to make it easy to prepare. 4.) Teach

What Uber Teaches Us About Phone Support

Uber and Lyft are superb services that I love to use and finding myself relying on often. Almost all of my interactions with the drivers and the company have been positive. The cars are clean, fast, and typically prompt. As long as everything runs fine there are no problems. Unfortunately, when it comes to out of the normal issue then the phone number is non-existent. Businesses would be wise to ensure customers can contact them for unique issues. There is a growing trend to remove the phone number completely and force people into a very simplified decision tree with limited options. Customer support costs money and in an effort to reduce this cost and "pigeon hole" people actions in companies like Uber turn a blind eye to brewing problems. They are not receiving important feedback and information on how to improve their service. Let us consider my situation where the driver had a hard time following his map and drove around adjacent streets. When he finally found the rig

2018 International Conference on Education and Global Studies

2018 International Conference on Education and Global Studies - Summer Session (IConEGS 2018-Summer) Bangkok, Thailand,  August 8-10, 2018 iconegs-summer/ We cordially invite you and your colleagues to participate and submit papers to 2018 International Conference on Education and Global Studies - Summer Session (IConEGS 2018 - Summer) which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand,  August 8-10, 2018 . We welcome submissions from all over the world and we encourage you to join us in Bangkok, Thailand to share your research and knowledge. To submit abstracts/papers for presentation or participate as an audience member, please visit the conference website for more details. All submissions will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted manuscripts will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support. Please join us in Bangkok, Thailand for the great academic events. IConEGS will be held together with the other two

Using Game Theory to Settle Conflict-Does it Apply to North Korea?

Conflict is about disagreement over who has rights over something, deserving of receiving something, or who is limited in future actions. When conflict makes its way into a pitched battle there will need to be a solution at some point or future conflict is likely. Game Theory can help in making better predictions about what type of actions can lead to advantageous outcomes with an opponent like North Korea. What we do know is that decision makers won't make compromise unless they either have insight of a future outcome or they are put within a position where a compromise is their best outcome. We have seen this in war and our personal lives where self-seeking behavior is curbed through carrot and stick approaches. How those carrot and stick pressures are created should be created through Game Theory. Game theory can be a tool of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers (Bockova, Slavikova & Porubcanova, 2016).  It seems to predict rational behav

Protecting Against Group Think in Our Nation's Top Leadership

Air Force Gen. John Hyten stated that he would not follow an illegal order to use nukes. That puts many of us at ease a little, but when conflict arises and retaliation is desired by top leadership and society, it may be difficult sway the tide of pressure. We have seen this occur in situations of high political and personal pressure to act without thinking through the alternatives. There are ways to limit the threats of "group think" when making important decisions.  Whether you are a business executive running a strategic team that makes important decisions, top brass in the military, or a president of a country it is important to ensure that bias and pressures of thinking don't change the fate of the enterprise. There are a few methods below to help reduce risk by incorporating different types of people and methodologies of coming to a conclusion 1.) Encourage reasonable opinions of descent.  2.) Ensure one person doesn't have undo power to speak over others or

Lessons from Sailing-How to Master the Art of Defeat?

In the throws of Hot Rum Races we battled magnificently around the mark with dozens of other boats competing for a few top spots. Over half way through our race and in a good position heading to the finish line the wind overpowered our boat. The mast was shaking, the mainsail lufted from the gusts, and the more we tightened the down-haul the tighter the wiggle. With a ripping sound the mainsail split open from one side to the other. We were done! The race was over and we lost! Our ship fell behind. While we didn't win we were able to master defeat. It didn't take us long to pull the main sail down and start concentrating on tweaking the jib to get us home. While we are not happy we did learn something about overpower the boat and pushing the limits without being prepared to suffer the consequences. It was a semi-solemn sail to the finish line. Our ship stuck out like a sore thumb because we were the only one's without all of our sails up. A sort of limping duck

Why I'm a Lover of Costco?

I'm a Costco member and I can say that while my family size has changed and adjusted I stayed a member. There have been varying times when I purchased more products or less but at the end of the day I continue to frequent their stores. There are three things I love about Costco. 1.) Confidence in Quality and Returns: Costco ensures that products are of high quality before they are sold. If at any point the product is worn out they will return it with no questions asked. This raises my trust of the organization. 2.) Customer Service: Costco provides above average customer service. Almost all of my visits were positive. The one poor interaction was based on an individual employee that was not having a good day. 3.) Trendy: Most of their products are very trendy. The brands are solid and they are in style. They may not be in style for someone 18 years old but they are great for people in their 30-50s.

The 4 Categories of People and Luxury Products

Luxury goods are bought more for what they represent then what they actually are (Wiedmann, et. al., 2013). While functionality may be of interest to some that is not their essential value for someone who pays the higher luxury price. It is their perceived social status as someone wealthy that matters. People often signal their status through the products they purchase (Han, Nunes & Dreze, 2010). They can be separated into 4 major groups: 1. Wealthy consumers who do not need status but want to signal to their own social crowd with quiet goods only other wealthy people recognize. 2. Wealthy consumers high in need for status who use "loud" luxury goods to signal to less influence they are "higher" than them. 3. People who cannot afford true luxury goods but use "loud" counterfeits to show others they should be perceived as "wealthy". 4. Those who don't care about wealth status and could care less if they associate with the wealt

How Much Time Should Professors Spend on Writing Versus Core Content?

Writing is increasingly becoming critically important for future career aspirations as more and more information is being sent via written letter. Whether one is turning on their computer, or reading a company email, they are inundated with written messages. As college professors, we often fight with ourselves over how much time we should spend on writing and how much on core content learning. Knowing the Topic and Communicating It I have found through business life that if a person can't communicate what they know well, then they don't likely know the topic thoroughly. Clarity and conciseness, assuming no physical or mental impairments, is one sign the student doesn't have depth. They are unable to form a concise image in their heads to explain to others in a way that is meaningful. Clarity of Thought and Clarity of Writing Furthermore, clarity in writing parallels clarity in thought. If the script is broad and not specific, then the knowledge is also general and n

When to Pay for a Fitness Class and When to Learn on Your Own

Classes are great for teaching you form and how certain types of workouts are safely conducted. I'm an advocate of classes to help people stay motivated and learn proper techniques. However, once one has learned the basics they can move onto fitness study on their own. Yet this depends on their personality and whether or not they can stay motivated in solo routines. If you are just learning something you will definitely need a class. They will show you how to complete certain moves that lead to the greatest benefits and a serious reduction in the chance of injury. You will spend your money wisely if you avoid a life-long injury. Likewise, if you want to engage in group type sports and activities you will want to join a class. Being around other people helps you to learn and gain knowledge from different people. Most people are willing to show you how smart they are by sharing advice. If you have a hard time staying motivated on your own you may need a regular few day a week c

Who are the Gifted and Why We Should Foster Them?

Giftedness is a level of human performance that leads to eminence in one or more fields. This level of performance is partly biological and partly fostered through one's environment. The gifted person is someone who can function at a high level in their particular field. The fostering of giftedness among college students and adult learners can lead to greater benefits of society. According to Subotnik, et. al. (2011) gifted individuals: 1. reflect the values of society 2. perform actual outcomes typically in adulthood 3. performance in a domain of endeavor 4. development as a result of biological, pedagogical, psychological and psychosocial factors 5. is relative not from the ordinary but to the extraordinary that change fields In essence, gifted individuals have a moral compass, typically perform in adulthood, find eminence in a particular field, have personality development factors, and typically compare well to extraordinary that changes fields. It is that ability to

Top 1% of Wealthy Own 50% of the World's Income Creating Class Instability

A report by Credit Suisse indicates that more and more of the world's wealth is concentrating in fewer hands.  This trend appears to be more dire over time with people on the bottom part becoming poorer and the people on the top becoming wealthier. The risks associated with this divergence is political instability and rapid change. Yet there are things legislators can do to change the troublesome trend. Credit Suisse expects to see 22% rise in millionaires by 2022 increasing from 36 million people to 44 million people. While there will be some moving to the top there is less growth on the bottom leaving 70% of the worlds population with less than $10K. While 3.6 billion poor might seem like a remote problem for people in poor countries to deal with the problems are very much at home in the U.S. It is expected that Millennials will not have the same access to wealth, homes, pensions, and other items that were so common to the Baby Boomers. A highly educated generation mixed wi

Encouraging Students to Think Beyond the Audience

Students, like most others, eventually get into a pattern of thinking. This occurs when the information is presented to them and they take the fastest most obvious answer. The problem is that there is no such thing as the "obvious" answer in science. There is always more depth to the problem, usually multiple solutions, and the potential for different conclusions. Choosing the conclusion that makes the most logical sense leads to a more critical thinker. To think beyond the audience means to think for oneself. Once students begin the process of thinking for themselves they open a world of new understanding by questioning common mob wisdom. They are not confrontational thinkers that always think in polar opposites but they are able to see the differences in group think and the potential for better understanding. How does one get to think for oneself? They must learn to question their world in a way that leads them to their own conclusions. While it is highly unlikely you

International Journal of Current Engineering Sciences

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CURRENT ENGINEERING SCIENCES  ISSN: 2320 – 9046 CALL FOR PAPERS - October- 2017 Dear Readers, We are pleased to inform you that International Journal of Current Engineering Sciences (IJCES) is going to launch its next issue. We would like to invite you to contribute a Research Paper for publication in International Journal of Current Engineering Sciences (IJCES).  International Journal of Current Engineering Sciences (IJCES) is an on line open access journal, basically the aim of this journal to promote the new Innovative ideas in all fields of Engineering and Technology. This Journal will help to promote all Innovations in Engineering and Technology on one platform so that if anybody wants to integrate their ideas with other field of technology, they can implement it with the help of this Journal.   Areas Covered:  Multidisciplinary – Engineering, Technology, Science and Management   Type of Articles Accepted: Research P

Golfing the Point Loma Club

Occasionally I have the opportunity to get out and golf a few holes. Located at a Marina a few miles away The Loma Club offers the closest opportunity to enjoy golfing for a few hours and then get back to business. It is one of the older golf courses in the city and was once attached to the local naval base. Today the club is open to the public. It is very short with most holes a par 3. This means that total golfing time on foot is somewhere around an hour and half. There really is no need to use a wood on this course if you don't want to. The club house is conveniently located in Liberty Station. Hosting bands, dancing, drinks, and food it seems to fit well with the once wealthy "to do" that were members. The patio is also huge with plenty of places to sit and enjoy. You can find people lounging around at nearly all times of the day. Once inside you will also notice places where they have games, pool tables, and other fun activities. So there is plenty to do fo

Phased Tax and Investment Incentives for Economic Growth

Governments are always looking for new ways of enhancing the economy and putting it on a competitive stance. Throughout the years there have plenty of ideas that came and went. Ideas are often as plentiful as the politicians that bring them forward and the business investor class that seeks to make profit off of change. The opportunities to grow the economy why creating a strong return on investment from investment opportunities makes the fundamental difference between those cities that can grow and change and those that will die. The entire cluster acts as a organism with lots of working parts. It is always adjusting, moving, creating, destroying, and working to fulfill its ultimate purpose. For the businesses in the area the purpose is return on income while for residents that may lay with quality of life and opportunity. Because collective organisms grow and change they have different needs to fulfill their existence. As they decline and change new money and ideas is needed to gro

Happy Veteran's Day from President Woodrow Wilson

It is important to remember the veterans who have served our country. The day was sworn as one that helped end WWI and the great effort the country made to help their allies in Europe. During this time wars were more than financial arrangements. Entire countries needed to be mobilized to meet the agricultural and manufacturing needs of the time. We owned our own production and to send armies overseas for prolonged fighting was an extremely costly activity. Our values were high during this era and we saw the world in a less complex but often more pure stance. We helped our allies with what we had and made great efforts to continue with a way of life. President Woodrow Wilson offered an address to the country. ADDRESS TO FELLOW-COUNTRYMEN The White House, November 11, 1919. A year ago today our enemies laid down their arms in accordance with an armistice which rendered them impotent to renew hostilities, and gave to the world an assured opportunity to reconstruct its shattered orde

The Deeper Meaning of Language Choice

The words we use determine the way we think. It is reflective of how we are raised and how we see the world. Negative words are a reflection of negative thoughts. While we are not always aware of it the way in which we communicate, matched with our non-verbal cues, tells us a lot about people around us and how they see the world. If you want to know someone well then you should simply listen and ask a few questions to clarity. Most of us never really take much effort in listening to other people or understanding what they need and want. We simply listen to the socially acceptable terms in which they express their needs. What we don't see is the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that often make up those communication patterns. It should be noted that all language and words are symbols that are created from other people. As we socialize with others in our youths we learn the basic meaning of certain words and our neuro thought patterns are created. We add onto that understanding

Sailing Hot Rum Races with Fitness Gloves-Did they hold up?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you I tried out a pair of fitness gloves that I used for lifting at the gym during a heated Hot Rum Races on November 4th. Over 133 boats participated and San Diego Bay was packed. Having the right equipment is important but knowing what works and what doesn't can make a big difference. I have these gloves and I was trying them out for new uses to see if they hold up against significant abuse. It just happened that one of our teammates forgot her gloves so I offered my leather pair to her and used the gloves I bike over with. Because I wasn't sure of how well the gloves would hold up if you are a "grinder" the deal was I would get them back if I need them.   If you are running the Jib sheet you will soon find that leather gloves slip and get worn out quickly. When the wind blows you need to pull with significant strength on the jib lines. Gloves slip which require ever more levels of effort to not only pull and grind t

Why are Small Business Having Such a Hard Time?

The answer to the question of why small business having such a hard time is dependent on whether you are looking at it from the perspective of the small business owner or the legislation processes that hampers their growth. Small business struggle from many facets that range from skill all the way to financing. This article discusses some of their biggest problems. Business Owner Perspective: -Finance: Unable to find needed capital to grow the business. -Skills and Wages: It is difficult to find wages and labor that will improve the business at a price the establishment can afford. -Skill: It takes years to build a business and gather the knowledge and ability. There is a need for very specific education and certificates. From a Macro Perspective: -Legislation: Legislation is designed to cater to big political donors and big businesses but neglects small business and their ability to compete. They simply can't pay enough or have their voices heard through lack of budget a

La Jolla Community Center Opera

Opera is still alive and kicking among the blue blooded class. It thrives because of donations and contributors. I had the pleasure of going to this Opera a few times in the past year. Trust me when I say I am not of the means that would put me into this class but when it is Free I like to go and enjoy the music. That is right, the La Jolla Community Center Opera is free a certain nights so you may want to check out their website! You may want to view their Calendar.  Mostly I like to just listen because the singers are amazing and have practiced their craft for some time. Their voices are loud and boom over the room. As you sit and listen you begin to understand the passion and the stories that are created from such music. This includes love, hate, betrayal, and bliss. If you let your thoughts wonder you will come to realize the beauty of this music and its powerful message about life. Life and death with everything in between is present. Starting in the 16th century by Florin

Is There Still a Need for Family Business Education?

Business education is focused on larger and bigger things but sometimes skips over the needs to educate on small family business affairs. While global business is the name of the game today there is still a need to provide curriculum for small business. Most people in developing countries run family businesses but may not be maximizing their applied learning if curriculum isn't focused on their needs as well. It should be remembered that the beginning of all business education was through family and apprentice training. Apprenticeships existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years without the need for formal education. However, as business became more complex family business eventually needed to move to formal education and business schools were launched.  While many schools have changed their core missions much of the world is still family business oriented. Many American small businesses were killed off by large corporations and poor legislation. The rest of world f