Friday, October 27, 2017

Who's Dream is it Anyway? The "Rat" Race

In the early mornings we scramble to get to the gym, rush through traffic delays, and into jobs that provide little to no meaning to our lives. A few lucky ones can find meaning and purpose within their work but the vast majority are counting pennies in one way or another for someone else. They will never be rich and they will always live within the confines of some existing rule. The "Rat Race" has been known to tear open souls and leave society unproductive and less innovative.

Society has defined through generations of trial and tribulations values and beliefs that keep us together. Some of those values are beneficial while others are completely useless to modern civilization and move directly against good health and living inherited from our ancestors.

For example, the earning of more and more money despite the cost to society or the actual need of that money is an obsessive disorientation to hoard beyond necessity for emergencies or hard times. Yet we sit there and buy products on credit and push ourselves into debt in order to look like we have resources. That image can quickly fade once bills get called in.

That life has been defined for us based upon our need to build bigger and stronger companies that create higher return on investments. Those investment profits are used to make more profits and are not always reinvested back into the our countrymen can benefit withnew jobs. They may equally be supporting a Frenchman or a Chinese laborer as much as an American family.

Yet the pressure to produce with limited wage growth and less respect for one's personal abilities will continue forward. We are "trapped" in the race to produce more with less personal return, mounting debt and lower satisfaction. Moving up to the "wealthy" status becomes almost impossible without owning the means of production that no one anymore can afford.

The "rat race" can be broken away from but one must rethink their motivations and life to create a new way of doing things. Without rethinking we will always be stuck in the "rat race". Working harder, receiving less, spending more, and taking on more debt is ludicrous when we consider the cost to our health, society and even long term economic strength. The secret door out of the maze is through the rejection of archaic Industrial Age values and embracing the uniqueness of your own existence and living your life as such.

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