Monday, October 30, 2017

Three Advantages for Using Gloves for Biking

In the past few years I have taken up biking partly as exercise and partly for transportation. What I have learned over that time is that maintaining a solid grip on the handle bars is important for safety. Greater control and comfort are also important if you plan on pedaling your way around town. I experimented with some micro-fiber gloves used for weightlifting and found they work almost perfect on bikes.

Safety: When your hands get sweaty and you are running hot there is a higher chance your hands will slip from the bar. This becomes even more likely when you are engaged in mountain biking.

Control: With better grip comes better control. The micro-fiber pads offers a tight grip that almost suctions on the handlebars.

Shock: There is natural vibrations and shocks when mountain biking. These gloves have some padding that help protect your hands from shock and fatigue.

Weightlifting and Cross Fit Gloves That Work Well For Biking
-Microfiber grip 
-Breathable material 
-Wrist Support 
-Black Color 
-Long Lasting with Reinforced Construction

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