Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Poem: Crisp and Cool Companion

Poetry is the process of expressing and finding an appreciation for nature and ourselves. I have seen such poetry in publications like Gray's Sporting Journal, The Farmers Almanac and other prints. While society may have advanced our appreciation for poetry and the outdoors is still a labor of love.

Poem: Crisp and Cool Companion

Crisp and cool air,
Seasons roll with time and our minds soon follow.

Perched on a fallen log reaching over the lake,
The days mesh into another creating a consistent stream of time.

We change and our lives change,
In the same ways as the days lead into seasons.

While time changes the place stays the same,
Nature is slow and wise.

Knowledge comes from spending time in nothingness,
Natures gift is the ability to slow so we can hear the inner and outer peace.

Find a log and sit near the water and you will not find yourself alone,
In the cool crisp air wisdom will be your companion.

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