Friday, October 27, 2017

Multipurpose Bag for All Your Sailing Needs

Sailing is a sport that requires a lot of gear. Storing all that gear can be difficult at best. It should be within arms reach and contain enough pockets to neatly manage all the items you need when out on the water. When heading out to the high seas this multi-purpose bag is is functional for active use and waterproof to keep your items dry.

One of the first things you will notice is its multi-purpose design that includes hand, shoulder, backpack and bucket utility bag. .Because you never know what type of bag you really need until you need it this multi-purpose bag does it all for a single price! No point in paying for multiple bags that could easily cost you over $100.

Because the ocean can be rough and drench your equipment and supplies you will want a waterproof bag. Your clothing will stay dry and your equipment will be untouched by the rolling waves.

The multi-purpose design and waterproof storage are not this bags only features. It also has lots of pockets that can hold tools, phones, keys, radios and safety equipment. This is the bag that you want to put your emergency essentials in and keep at your side for quick access. Worst case scenario you can strap it as a backpack and keep it out of your way while  its connected to you if the seas get really terrible and you want to make sure your equipment goes with you!

Multi-Purpose Outdoor Gym Bag
-Bucket bag, backpack, and shoulder bag.
-Durable Nylon.
-Use for the gym, outdoors, or anywhere else.
-Black color so it doesn't look dirty.
-Water bottle holder.
-Multiple pockets for holding locker locks, gloves, phone, etc...

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