Friday, October 13, 2017

Great Lakes Red Wine Review

Local wines are some of my favorite not only because of their uniqueness but also because of their variety. They offer small town production using local resources to create something not seen in most major retail stores. Leelanu Cellars offers a superb Great Lakes Red that will tickle your taste-buds just in time for the holidays.

While it says semi-sweet I would consider this more of a sweet wine. It is definitely "fruity" and that is one of its charms. Tastes like ripe Concord grapes and offers a holiday taste.

This wine will go well after dinner and with cheeses that balance out its sweetness. Contrast sweet with heavy cheese for a good combo.

It also has a significant amount of alcohol 11% which is indicative that it wont take much to get your guests to laughter. Be careful!!!

One thing this winery does is support the Great Lakes. As the worlds largest source of fresh water it is important to ensure that pollution and damage are not forgotten about and resources are allocated to protect them.

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