Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Long Tail Marketing Through Niche Marketing and Shareable Content

Developing online marketing that "sticks" around to create a long tail can be difficult for many businesses. We are in a fast paced society and those who use the Internet are accustomed to frantically looking at and discarding information. To have your marketing efforts reach the greatest amount of people over a longer period of time you should consider niche marketing and shareable content.

Focus on a Niche Market

Long-tail search-engine marketing works well in niche markets where customers become familiar with the brand (Ciurel, 2013). Where millions of search engine terms are used and large companies are paying for such terms to point to their site it is advantageous to focus your key terms in combination with your specific niche market.

Provide Shareable Content

Social media has taught us that long tail marketing requires some level of sticking power much like marketing residue that stays circulating around the Internet for a long time. For example in the music industry blogging and sample music clips create a longer tail because they are shareable (Dewan & Ramaprasad, 2012).  If you want your content to stick around blog, post pictures, video clips, sound bites, and other interesting information.

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Free to republish with appropriate attribution- Dr. Murad Abel

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