Sunday, September 10, 2017

Supporting Kids at Bay Cliff Health Camp

Last night I had the pleasure of receiving an invitation and attending the 9th Annual Benoit Bash for Bay Cliff which supports Bay Cliff Health Camp for child's therapy. We know that children are important and come with lots of difficulties. They sometimes need help and we should support them when we can. Bay Cliff...... a place apart…where children and adults with physical disabilities learn to believe in themselves, strive for fuller lives, and realize their dreams. We also are a place that offers a warm, friendly environment and excellent facilities for guest programs promoting health, wellness, education and youth development.

The event hosted drawings, games, and a band. People socialized around a bonfire and engage in lively community activities. It was a cool night, but despite this, people showed up in droves to rally around their cause. 

If you want to donate to Bay Cliff Health Camp  then please visit their website at

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