Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Protecting Nature for Future Generations of Sporting Enthusiasts

Nature is one of those resources that is difficult to regenerate without serious management by government and local stakeholders. The power of the dollar seems to push people and government to continually encroach on nature in an effort to make more money. As we look across the landscape we often find that more cement is going up and more trees are coming down. For sporting enthusiasts there are a number of great benefits for keeping nature an important part of our land management.

1.) Nature provides a place to hike, fish, hunt, snowshoe, run, and hunt. Without he natural outdoors most of these activities will go away. There won't be enough land or habitat to ensure that people can use them appropriately.

2.) People enjoy the outdoors for its mental health benefits that include relaxation and contemplation. Activities like walking and yoga can be conducted in the natural outdoors but will become more difficult without support of a serene environment.

I spend a significant portion of my time hunting, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. These activities are not possible if we don't protect the environment and ensure that habitat isn't destroyed. I am a supporter of nature and a supporter of business. There is a way to balance them both.

While it make sense to support business and economic development we do need to consider that once the forests and natural land has been depleted it doesn't regenerate without significant effort. Building another house or building is easy but building a forest is extremely difficult once people move in and own the land. Thinking before we act has benefits not only for outdoor enthusiasts but also generations to come.

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